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University Identity


The symbol or mark is composed using the basic components of the University of Ulsan and is also used for campus identification standards. The components are the core symbols representing the University of Ulsan. The symbol consists of the symbolic animal, the school’s name motto and establishment year. The university’ symbolic animal is a girin. It is a one horned animal with a body is like a deer, head like a dragon, feet like a horse and a tail like a cow. It is a mythological or supernatural animal like a dragon, a phoenix, a turtle. A person of wisdom or highly skilled person is often called a “Girina.” This expresses the university’s educational goal of nurturing outstanding students well. The users of this mark should be aware that it functions to induce a sense of unity among university members while representing UOU in and out of campus

Signature -Basic Type1

A signature combines a symbol and a logo. This form of signature is the most frequently used one to officially represent the University of Ulsan. As the form of this signature is designed in accordance with designated combination configurations it should be used as it is. When making applications be sure to employ proper combinations and colors to suit whatever medium you use. When doing this the most important thing is not to destroy the similarity to the original type. For instance, when applying a color to signature type 1, it should adhere to this basic type of signature. Any reproductions of the signature should be done using the copy function of a PDF.

Signature -Basic Type 2

These applied versions are designed on the basis of the form and shape of the basic signature. These can be used by the college or other organizations. Any reproductions of the signature should be done using the copy function of a PDF.

Applied Version of the Signature -Type 1
Applied Version of the Signature -Type 2

Applied Version of the Signature -Type 3

Applied Version of the Signature -Type 4

Applied Version of the Signature -Type 5

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