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Naval Architecture

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The Graduate school of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering was established on the basis of the undergraduate major of Naval Architecture and Shipbuilding which was founded in 1973. The master's course of naval architecture was introduced in 1980. In the year of 1985 when ocean engineering major was added, a doctorate program was established. Since then the School has been implementing on hand programs thanks to the support from the world biggest shipyard, Hyundai Heavy Industries. Also the School has been successfully implementing programs based on the industry-university cooperation by taking advantage of UOU's geographical adjacency to Hyundai Heavy Industries.
The School has some cutting edge equipment such as a square water tank which was installed first in South Korea in 1996 and a circulating water channel. On top of that the School has each and every facility to enhance education and research- a structure experiment lab, a vibration and noise detection lab, a two-dimensional current tank, a computational dynamics lab, the CIM training center, a thermo transformation lab, a reference books room, a seminar room, a design room, and a computer room.
Initially the Department of Naval Architecture and Shipbuilding set its educational goal on these two areas but it has been restructuring its curriculum for students to acquire theories on the state-of-the art shipbuilding technology and design an environmentally friendly vessel. Recently the emphasis is placed on design technology for a next generation environmentally friendly vessel, shipbuilding system technology, development of an optimal ship model, a performance test and so on. All of these are prepared to produce creative and self-motivated researchers who will contribute to maintaining the South Korea's world top position in shipbuilding.
The Department of Oceanic Engineering has its educational goal on nurturing knowledge and skills regarding the development of marine resources, shipping and transportation, and prevention of ocean pollution. The courses offered include studies on constructing ocean structures for oil, gas and minerals as well as artificial steel reefs and floating platforms. There are also courses about cables, pipelines, deep sea unmaned probes, and automatic navigation submersibles.
The curriculum has recently been redirected to enhance skills related to design and build a cutting edge structure which will be used in deep sea or polar regions to probe energy sources. As such the department's goal is to educate students to become creative problem solvers being knowledgable about ocean engineering.

Graduate School Programs
Master's and doctorate courses in Naval Architecture and Shipbuilding
Master's and doctorate courses in Ocean Engineering
Educational objectives
School's Objectives
The school's objectives lie in producing personnel by educating specialized technology relevant to designing and producing ships and ocean structures.
The master's program focuses on improving students' problem solving ability.
The doctorate program places its emphasis on enhancing ability to carry out research.
Educational content
제본 학부는 대학원과정에 조선공학전공, 해양공학전공으로 2개 전공을 둔다. 2009년 2학기 이후 입학한 학생부터, 해양에너지 전공을 복수전공으로 할 수 있다.
제2조(필수선택과목) ① 석사과정에서는 대학원 학사운영세칙에 명시된 필수선택과목을 과정 중에 반드시 이수해야 한다.
제② 위①항에서 정하는 과목을 이수하지 않은 박사과정 학생은 이를 반드시 이수하여야 한다. 단, 학부장의 인정을 받아 유사과목으로 대치할 수 있다.
① 석사학위논문심사위원회는 학위취득 예정일 6개월 전까지 3인으로 구성한다.
② 박사학위논문심사위원회는 학위취득 예정일 1년 전까지 5인으로 구성하며, 학과 외부인사 1명 이상을 포함해야 한다.
제① 석사과정의 논문제출자격시험 중 전공종합시험 과목은 지도교수가 지정하는 세 과목 이상으로 한다.
② 박사과정의 논문제출자격시험 중 전공종합시험 과목은 지도교수가 지정하는 네 과목 이상으로 한다.
① 석사학위논문을 제출하고자 할 경우 석사학위논문 내용이 전국규모 학술회의 Proceedings에 1편 이상 발표되어야 한다.
② 박사학위논문을 제출하고 자 할 경우 박사학위논문의 내용이 전국규모 학술회의 Proceedings에 2편 이상 발표되고, 전국규모 논문집에 1편 이상 게재해야 한다.
제6조(세미나 과목의 이수)
제세미나 과목의 담당교수는 학부장으로 하고, 석, 박사 과정을 막론하고 본 학부에서 주관하는 외부 초청세미나에 참석하여 그 결과를 학부장에게 제출해야 한다.

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