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Interdisciplinary Program of Medical & Biological Engineering

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Biomedical Engineering Collaboration Course

1. What is biomedical engineering?

Engineering includes vast applicable fields such as electrical, mechanic and material engineering. Among them, Biomedical Engineering studies and diagnoses human bodies applying engineering principles and methods for the healthier life, and develops medical instruments. The demand for biomedical engineering that is called medical, bio, and treatment engineering is fast growing as an aging society and information technology progress. In this way, the medical engineering field is progressing as the 21st century's new convergence and integration study.

2. What is preferable undergraduate major for biomedical engineering?

After finishing undergraduate biomedical engineering study students can attend the graduate school. Biomedical engineering solves medical problems using engineering knowledge. Accordingly, to study biomedical engineering the appropriate major is engineering such as electric and electronic computer or mechanical engineering.
At the graduate school students learn the fundamentals of biological and medical science to apply it to biomedical engineering. As such they will have ability to progress into the society as an engineer with their convergent and integrated knowledge.

3. Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering at UOU

Biomedical Engineering Department in the College of Engineering was established in 2009. In that year a link-program in the Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering was established for undergraduate and graduate students can collaborate.

4. How do the classes proceed?

Currently, the classes are conducted by the three full-time faculty and some subjects are conducted by the School of Electrical Engineering. Aside from the classes, close professor-student guidance such as one-to-one teaching is also implemented. As the department is operated with the small number of students, it offers quality education opportunities to make the students to become experts in this area.

4. Employment Opportunities

In 2010, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd officially announced medical instruments as a core business field in the future and is hiring a great number of human resources in the field. Small and medium enterprises and venture companies such as Austem Co., Ltd and KHvatec Co., Ltd are also in need of more personnel to develop and trade domestic medical instruments. Graduates also have advantages of getting hired in government-affiliated organizations such as the Patent Office and the Korean Food and Drugs Administration.

5. What are the advantages of the Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering at UOU?

- Joint research opportunities with medical instrument business corporations, university hospitals and the school of medicine
- Enthusiastic teaching from the younger professors
- Tuition and research fund support
- Participation on overseas conferences during master's degree program
Educational objectives
1. An improvement of basic knowledge and ability of application
2. A Cultivation of research, development and teaching ability
3. An establishment of right values and living attitude
Educational content
1. The Number of Attendance years
-Masters program: 2 years(4 semesters)
-Combined Undergraduate and Graduate programs: 1.5 years(3 semesters)
-Masters program: 2 years(4 semesters)
-Combined programs: 4 years(6 semesters)

2. The Number of credits required for completion of each program
-Masters program: 24 credits
-Masters program: 36 credits
-Combined programs: 60 credits

3. Completion: Students must earn all the necessary credits.

4. Graduation: Students must complete Masters programs or Doctoral programs and pass Degree Thesis Evaluation.

5. A field of study
1) medical imaging & processing
2) physiological signal measurement and processing
3) biomechanics & biomaterials
4) Neural Engineering
5) MRI and Electromagnetics

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