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Materials Science & Engineering

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School of Materials science and Engineering of University of Ulsan deal with the study that could help to develop processing techniques and understand the new properties of materials through comprehension of relationship between processing and structure and properties and performance. And also, we are establishing education and research system regarding green energy and environment-friendly field to meet the demands of the times.
Educational objectives
School of Materials science and Engineering of University of Ulsan educates professional engineers required at all the areas of material field including the characteristics of physical chemistry, crystal structure, compound metal, and also developing new materials by compounding materials, improving new process and its technology. Thus, the school focuses its efforts on training technical experts and research scientists to work at the industries of the material field and the institute with educational programs such as Aerospace, Transportation, Architecture, New Metallic Materials like Environmental Sectors, Semiconductor, LCD, Sensor, Electronic material, Ceramic Material, Compound Material, Bio-organic Matter, Material Recycling, Surface Material, new process, etc.

Education Goal

(1) To acquire and improve professional knowledge in materials field.
It is our aim for students to fully understand the production and the process of the materials in microscopic and macroscopic structural changes, and further to become professionals in materials field who can apply this to other areas.

(2) To educate students to adapt themselves readily in the field
In addition to theoretical training, experiments and field education are enforced to students so that they can be equipped with practical knowledge necessary for the industry. It is also our aim for students to have professionalism in doing their works without egoistic mind

(3) To educate creativity to become a leader of the advanced technology.
It is our aim for students to be fully aware that various materials technology and application is the foundation of all industries, and to take pride in leading the future trend in material technology through various information technologies including internet.

(4) To enforce international competitiveness and to be competent in using information technology in the age of globalization.
The School plays a role in promoting international exchange among colleges and in meeting the needs of globalization era so that students may become professionals of materials field with international competitiveness. in addition, the School assists students to master foreign languages and to be aware of future trend in material technology through various information technologies including internet.

(5) To establish vocational ethics and rightful sense of value as an engineer.
It is our aim for students to establish a sense of value as professionals in the material field through consistent self-development and to contribute toward development of the community and the nation. in doing so, The School educates students to have a cooperative spirit, responsibility and sacrifice in achieving the common goal, and further to have vocational ethics necessary for being professionals in the material field.
Educational content
1. 소재공학 분야의 광범위한 지식을 습득하게 하고, 토론 및 발표능력을 갖도록 하기 위하여 석사 및 박사과정은 학부에서 정례적으로 시행하는 세미나에 반드시 참석하여야 한다. 단, 지도교수의 부탁이나 산학협동과정의 재학생은 예외로 한다.
2. 석.박사과정의 전공종합시험 범위는 공통과목과 지도교수가 지정하는 선택과목을 합하여 4과목 이상으로 하며, 세부시행방법은 학과 교수회의에서 결정한다.
3. 석.박사과정의 졸업요건으로 졸업전에 다음과 같은 학술활동 실적을 갖추어야 한다.
-석사과정:국내외 학술발표대회 논문 발표 또는 게제 1회이상
-박사과정:국내외 관련 저명학술지 논문 게재 2편이상.
4. 박사과정의 학생의 지도는 2인 이상의 공동지도교수제도 가능하다.
5. 본 내규는 2002학년도 전기입학생부터 적용한다.

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