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Physics is a study that seeks the basic principle of the universe and leads new scientific technology. To promote this, the department of physics at University of Ulsan has been yielding the master and PhD graduates, who have learned the basic principle of physics and scientific analysis capability through the education and research intensified by the systematic courses. They can be the people needed for the most advanced scientific era in the 21st century.
Currently in the department of physics, a great number of researches are being conducted by each lab: semiconductors, new materials, nano-magnetic devices, mesoscopic physics, laser and quantum optics, applied optics, photoelectron, nuclear physics, statistical physics, computational physics, etc. These researches are not less than those of any other universities in Korea and the obtained results have been presented at the various domestic and international conferences.
As a result, the department of physic at University of Ulsan is recognized as the high level among regional universities in Korea and the highest level among regional private universities. Also, preliminary studies on environmental energy materials are being performed in the department to convert the industries in Ulsan into high value eco-friendly industries and activate research between academy and industry. Recently we have more students applying for the graduate courses and more new research devices. With increased research grants and more opportunities of the professors’ visiting research overseas, the research activities in the department are more active than any other time.
Educational objectives
The educational goal of the graduate courses in the department of physics is to cultivate experts who develop basic knowledge of specific fields as well as overall physics and then actively set to research on physics and other applied fields through creative thinking and ways.
For this goal, students are first required to study basic knowledge regardless of their majors. Experiments and practices are particularly emphasized and computational language and numerical methods must be learned as they can be the tool for every field. Each student is given a chance to choose a major depending on his aptitude and get to learn the attitude and basis of research through thesis research. For international research, acclaimed academic scholars from the outside are often invited so that the research undergoing currently can be introduced. The students are encouraged to participate in domestic and international conferences to see the recent research trends of their major fields along with related applied parts.
Depending on the fields, the students learn the ability to go into industrial settings. Their basic knowledge and research capacity in the department of physics will promote the innovation of technology and development of science in the local community through the research between academics and industries located in Ulsan.
Educational content
1. Thesis Research Fields
- solid state physics, optics, nuclear physics, statistical physics, etc.
2. Publication of papers required for the degree
- Master’s degree: one or more oral presentation in the conferences or one or more published papers in the journals (recommendation)
- Doctoral degree: two or more published papers in the domestic or international journals (including one SCI paper)
3. Required Subjects
- Master’s degree: classical mechanics, electromagnetic, quantum mechanics (recommendation)
- Doctoral degree: classical mechanics, electromagnetic, quantum mechanics
4. Subjects for the Major Comprehensive Exam
- Master’s degree: classical mechanics, electromagnetic, quantum mechanics
- Doctoral degree: classical mechanics, electromagnetic, quantum mechanics, one of thesis research fields

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