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Chemistry is a discipline that observes, understands, and predicts the structures and changes of substances and applies them. From materials used in daily life such as plastics and clothing to the cutting edge fields like nano and bio materials, the material and phenomena used in the necessities of our life have a close relationship with these chemical principles. The Department of Chemistry was founded as an industrial chemistry department at the establishment of Ulsan Institute of Technology, the former name of the University of Ulsan, in 1970. For 40 years our department has nurtured and produced highly qualified chemical specialists under the name of both the industrial chemistry and chemistry departments, and also has played a remarkable role in diverse fields such as basic education for natural sciences and engineering major students, reeducation for technical resources of the community, and university and industrial cooperative research. This department takes pride in developing qualified chemists under the goal of making human life comfortable and pleasant by combining basic knowledge with the useful wisdom. Also we offer basic chemical education to students who do not major in chemistry. Above all, our department is doing our utmost to nurture highly qualified chemists for the better development of the chemical industry with the geographical background of Ulsan, the Mecca of chemistry, abundant with petrochemical complexes, a number of fine chemistry industries, and heavy chemical plants.
Educational objectives
The department of Chemistry at University of Ulsan pursues the educational goals to offer diverse opportunities for students to develop their professional carriers based on chemistry.

First, the students will be independent through well-balances education encompassing liberal arts and basic sciences.

Second, the students will be creative through education in their major based on experiment and practice.

Third, the students will be professionals in chemistry to contribute to the development of society
Educational content
1. Research Area

Our department is conducting active research through programs in various chemical fields with 10 or so full time professors and graduate courses. Also, our department is training undergraduate and graduate students to improve their expertise and offers opportunities of employment and research in the future by conducting research in the latest fields that are essential in the chemical industry such as organic synthesis chemistry, instrumental analysis, nano material, high molecule material, catalyst chemistry, theoretical chemistry, material chemistry and energy.
Recently, our department has put great efforts into the basic and university-industrial cooperation research while conducting BK21, WCU project and core research center (EHSRC) project supervised by the Ministries of Education, Science and Technology all at the same time.

2. Employment Opportunities

There are many different fields to work in after graduation. Since the chemical industry is one of the main industries in Korea, graduates can enter any of these fields such as cutting edge fine chemistry(medicine and medical supplies, etc.), petro and high molecule chemistry, fertilizer, cosmetics, pigment, food, metal, electronic materials and so on. Accordingly, over the past 40 years since the department was established, quite a few of our graduates have taken leading places as chemical and environmental professionals in the Ulsan heavy chemical industry complex. Besides working in businesses, some graduates work as middle and high school teachers and businessmen. Others have studied abroad or continued to study in the graduate course and then work as faculty members in the university or researchers at the national or industrial research centers. Especially, approximately 20 graduates have earned their doctorates in at prestigious universities both in Korea and abroad, and 13 among them are currently working at some famous universities in Korea as professors of chemistry related departments. In addition, graduates can obtain some certificates such as water pollution environmental engineer, air pollution environmental engineer and waste management engineer. They can be employed as an environment manager or an environment engineer needed in industrial fields. Recently, an increasing number of students have studied chemistry as a basic course for medical and pharmacy graduate school.

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