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Biological Science

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The Graduate program of the Division of Biological Sciences is designed to provide students opportunities to study and research essential to a distinguished career as an independent biologist. Areas of research include immunology, cell biology, molecular biology, neuroscience, biodiversity, ecology, medical biochemistry, etc.

The Division of Biological Sciences offers 3 graduate programs;
● MS program
● PhD program
● Contiguous MS/PhD program
Educational objectives
Economic development has been based on development of basic science. The qualitative improvement and quantitative expansion of research capabilities are required to satisfy the competitiveness in Korea.
Biotechnology (BT) is one of the promising techniques for our future. The results of basic biological science are applied directly in medical and biological industries. The questions of the industry should be solved by the researches of biological science. Through the researches and training performed by professors and the students in M. Sc and Doctorate, this major holds proper value and develops the research capability of biological science, thus contributing to the development of our country. This is the goal of our education
Educational content
(1) For the M. Sc, the student shall acquire 18 credits of the 24 needed for the university graduate with subjects established in this major, and the remaining credits can be acquired in other subjects in other major with the corresponding professor’s approval.
(2) Students in M. Sc shall complete the seminar I, II and M. Sc dissertation research I, II. Students in Doctorate shall complete the seminar III, IV and doctoral thesis research I, II.
(3) Following the needs, the dean of the major can designate a part of common subjects as required subjects.
(4) From the freshmen of 2007, the effective period of the qualification examination thesis presentation shall be 2 years for the M. Sc and 5 years for the doctorate.
(5) If a fixed official score is acquired in a foreign language test from qualified offices, both domestic and abroad, the student shall be exempted of foreign language (English) examination (TOEIC: over 600 for M. Sc, over 700 for doctorate). In such case, the student shall present the original copy of the application form and the results transcript. (validity period: 2 years within the issuance date).
(6) Graduate school students’ obligations including foreigners: Attendance of all students including foreigners
- Class A, B: attendance in experimental subjects fixed by the faculty as \teaching assistant
- Class A: weekly attendance of 40 hours in the research project of the tutor
- Class B: Obligatory attendance according to corresponding professor’s judgment (hours flexible)
(7) Requirements for graduation
• For the M. Sc, at least 1 SCI thesis must be submitted. (Ecology and classification field: at least 1 submission in the Korea Research Foundation (KRF))
• For the doctorate, at least 1 SCI (at least total of IF 4.0) thesis (as lead author) must be published.
However, the IF 4.0 from the aggregate of several theses as lead author is possible. (Ecology and classification field: at least 1 publication in the Korea Research Foundation (KRF) as lead author)
However, for the doctorate, if the corresponding professor changes after the completion, the requirement for graduation shall be decided by the thesis examination committee.
• For the doctorate (including combined M. Sc/doctorates) there shall be at least 2 outside committee members.

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