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Korean history & culture

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“History and Culture Major” was founded in 2000. Under the objective of building more opportunities to embrace and appreciate history and cultural phenomenon, as well as learning methods that would enable interpretation and translation of those cultural assets, while also encouraging students to grow the ability to document and chronologize local aspects of this region as well, members and faculty of this major have been continuing their efforts to support education and research in the areas of Korean history, Asian history, and history of the Western world. Since 2015, in response to the new trend of the society which has been witnessing increasing demand upon Korean historical studies, larger than ever interests in the Korean cultural legacies, and rising requests for specific regional studies, the curriculum has been revised to focus upon Korea’s history and culture, as well as the Ulsan region’s history and culture. Methodology is also a crucial part of the new curriculum as it is imperative for the students’ basic training, and in order for the students to have a wider international perspective and also an open mind, major topics of the curriculum include themes such as global cultural exchanges and the history of East Asia in general. History and Culture Major is serving its role of providing a place and means to nurture experts who could study the history and culture of not only Korea but also Ulsan so that they could contribute to the future of the society with capabilities and dedication.
Educational objectives
History and Culture Major aims to educate the students with history and culture, of Korea in general and Ulsan in particular, so that they could cultivate methods and abilities to analyze and understand them, and become experts in history and culture in general.
1. Basic research training
- Training the students to translate and analyze documents written in Chinese, Japanese and English languages
2. Pursuit of deeper understanding of various periods in Korea’s history
- Teaching the students to learn what kind of events and trends transpired in the past, and eventually led to the present, including the foundation of the Republic of Korea
3. Promising enhanced abilities in regional studies
- Teaching the students to study the history of Ulsan, with specific local historical materials, in context of the general history of Korea
4. Encouraging more appreciation of culture
- Training the students to have an understanding in nature and aesthetics of Korea’s tangible and intangible cultural legacies, and to be able to connect them with philosophical backgrounds

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