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Oriental Painting

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School of Fine Arts offers master's program. We have produced creative artists through the courses that stress professional understanding and knowledge about fine arts as well as theory-based training and practical skills. Our school also has held a wide range of exhibitions and introduced critical analysis to enhance students' adaptability to the field of fine arts.
The goal of our education is to nurture professional artists of future orientation and higher adaptability to reality. The curriculum focuses on practicality aiming at developing character and mind necessary for an artist in the real world. The courses offered thus emphasize developing flexibility for the rapidly changing arts world. With the world class faculty and the innovative curriculum, the school strives to produce competent artists of creativity and originality. This can be achieved through fresh curriculum and brisk participation in global arts field. To increase career opportunities the school stresses practical skills necessary for fine arts teachers. Consequently, the School will be home to nurturing artists leading the next generation.
Educational objectives
Our school aims to foster competent artists who will be professional artists, teachers, professors, or researchers. The curriculum strengthens practical skills and advanced studies on fine arts. The objectives are following:

1. Developing ability to be professional artists
Students will be able to develop creativity and originality by engaging in various and intensive experimentations for formative arts.

2. Developing teaching ability
Students will be able to develop art leadership qualifications by grasping current fine arts world and obtaining the teaching competence of practical skills and theories on the basis of recent trend of art researches.

3. Fostering action competence
Students will be able to foster action competence to contribute to popularizing fine arts and turning fine arts into practical arts as agents of social services.
Educational content
1. Majors offered are oriental painting, western painting, and sculpture.
2. Theory of Formative Arts and arts criticism are common courses.
3. Completing minimum 18 credit major courses is mandatory for each major.
4. A solo exhibition equals to a master's thesis, and a portfolio to be submitted has to comply with the UOU dissertation regulations.
5. Thesis interim presentation(a solo exhibition) has to be held during an enrolled semester.
6. An examination of works equals to a comprehensive examination of a qualifying examination for submitting a thesis. The subjects for examination are over seventy percent of works submitted at the exhibition for a master's degree.

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