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Housing & Interior Design

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The housing and interior design major has its roots in a housing and interior design course in the home economics department which was newly established in 1982. It first separated and then was created as an independent major in 1997, and our department has become the second largest department among its kind in Korea. The number of students every year is limited to 45 and it is the largest scale of all the housing and interior design departments. The department of housing and interior design currently has five full time faculty members and has been offering graduate programs leading to and doctoral degrees.
The housing and interior design major aims to nurture professionals who can contribute to the fields of housing and interior design with the purpose of improving the quality of life through creating comfortable and pleasant living environments. The academic focus is on the housing space for daily life, various types of realistic interior spaces, and the relationship between human beings.

The housing and interior design curriculum combines broad theoretical approaches and applied ones. The housing curriculum involves the general affairs created in each step of house construction such as creating houses and other living spaces, the design/interior architecture step, the manufacturing step, the distribution/selling step, and the management/remodeling step. The interior design curriculum takes the theoretical and expressive approaches to commercial and spaces as well as housing space. Based on the theory and techniques studied in this field, students research how to produce wonderful interior spaces. The detailed curriculum involves housing planning, housing management and policy, housing culture and society, interior design, special housing design and so on, and has combined academic features of natural sciences, social science, humanities, and arts. Meanwhile, both regular and irregular domestic and overseas field work help students apply what they have learned in class. In addition, the Housing & Interior Design Exhibition held regularly every autumn is an important event that shows all the output of the year.

After graduation, students can work in diverse fields related to housing and interior design such as housing businesses, architectural firms, housing construction companies, interior design offices, furniture manufacturers and lighting companies, interior design coordination fields, housing management companies, housing welfare organizations, and mass media and publication fields. Also, students may enroll in graduate programs or become a junior-high or high school teacher after completing teaching certification courses. The certificates related to this major will be given as 'certified housing manager', 'certified interior architecture engineer', 'certified housing environment engineer', 'certified housing welfare worker', 'certified interior industrial engineer', 'certified architect', 'certified colorist', 'secondary teacher'. Acquisition of these certificates makes it easier for graduates to advance into specialist areas.

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