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Special Graduate Schools

Special Graduate Schools

Graduate School of Business Administration

  • Phone : +82-52-259-2094
  • Fax : +82-52-277-3115
  • Location : Graduate School of Business Administration (Bldg. #24-105)
  • Website : Homepage
Graduate School of Business Management

The University of Ulsan has played a vital role to lead local industry development and Korea’s economy by means of producing professionals demanded for the past 20 years when Korea’s industry development sprang. UOU also has strived to develop industry and academy cooperation programs and conducted continuing education.

We live in a time when a rapid change in science and technology as well as in ideology and structure of society. It resulted in inevitable shits in industrial environment and structures. Accordingly it is high time for managers or owners alike to make ceaseless self innovation through all their lives.

The School offers programs innovative and useful for all these stakeholders. They provide excellent opportunities for management level personnel to develop themselves and for industry to continue its development. In a broader sense our program will eventually contribute to establishing a harmonious and successful industry and university programs.

Graduate School of Business Administration

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  • Office : UOU International
  • Phone : +82-52-220-5957
  • Staff in Charge : Sean Park

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