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English Language & Literature

1st Year
English Language & Literature Curriculum
Category Code Courses Credits Abeek
Liberal Arts Elective A00038 Introduction to Writing and Reporting 2.00
Fundamentally, Speakings and Writings must stand on the formality under the their rules. The course should teach the students the basics of formal and academic Korean writings. Students should, by the end of the course, be familiar with the elements of a well-constructed Korean paragraph. Secondarily, students should have knowledge of how a series of paragraph fit together in a unified, coherent formal and academic reports. The course should emphasis that in order to write well in reports, one must learn to speakings through logical thinking.
Liberal Arts Essential A00039 English Conversation I 2.00
This course is to improve students' communicative competence in English and understandings of the Western culture. The students practice listening and speaking through activities in pairs and in a small group as well as in a teacher-to-student interaction. With linguistic and cultural approaches, learners are engaged in expanding their knowledge of English vocabulary and grammar, and in understanding a variety of sentence structures to help the learners use them in a real situation. Also skills for standard tests like the TOEIC are taught. Since this course needs language practice, the students are advised to aggressively participate in class with their best efforts.
Liberal Arts Elective A00115 International Relations in the 21st Century 2.00
This Course is designed to provide an introduction to International Issues and to a number of theoretical concerns bearing upon International Relations and International Politics in globalizing world. The class essentially divides into four components: 1) Historical Background about International Politics; 2) International Organizations; 3) Globalization and Regionalism; 4) International Conflict. From time to time the class will refer to approaches taken in other issues in globalizing world about Energy problems, Environment issue, Intellectual Property, and so on. International Relations are a rich field. This course cannot be exhaustive. Some intriguing and important issues cannot be covered. I hope that it will whet your appetite for further study in major subject.
Liberal Arts Essential A01116 Reading and Writing in English 2.00
The primary focus of this course is to cultivate students' reading ability and to develop their writing ability through various materials concerning human and social sciences as well as natural sciences. Moreover, this course is designed to improve students' understanding about British and American culture.
Basic Elective B01221 Special Topics in Literature 2.00
This course is designed to provide students with a general understanding and appreciation of English literature. The course leads students to learn the fundamental characters of literature and appreciate various genres of literature. Moreover, students will practice to interpret each selected literary text with their own eyes and show their own critical point of views on each literary text.
Basic Elective B01226 Understanding Western Culture 2.00
This course develops the understanding of the western culture, reading texts that introduce general facts of the culture. It is a course designed to acquaint students with various aspects of the western culture and civilization from its beginning to the present.
Major Elective B01791 English Pronunciation 2.00
Intelligible pronunciation is one of the necessary components of oral communication. The goal of this course is to enable students to surpass the threshold level of English pronunciation so that their pronunciation will not detract from their ability to communicate. In order to achieve this goal, students will learn the basics of English phonetics, along with in-class practices.
Major Elective B01792 English Grammar I 2.00
This course provides a general survey of English grammar and encourages students to analyze various aspects of the English language.
Major Elective B01794 English Composition I 2.00
A major objective of this course is for students to sharpen their skill of structuring information at the sentence level by applying for their knowledge of grammar and vocabulary.
2nd year
English Language & Literature Curriculum
Category Code Courses Credits Abeek
Liberal Arts Elective A00075 Introduction to Philosophy 2.00
The objectives of this introductory course are to learn the definition of philosophy, study some of important historical events in the field of philosophy, and apply the principles from the course to real-life examples. In this course, the relationship between philosophy and sciences, different views by philosophers about the truth, and the methodology and its development are introduced. Finally, some of current ethical and philosophical issues are examined from the view of an individual reflection, and societal perspective.
Liberal Arts Elective A00979 The Korean history and culture 2.00
This course encourages the students to make a cultural approach towards history and develop a deep understanding of the Korean history and culture. It tries to understand the structure, individuals, social systems and human practice in an integrated fashion rather than pursuing cultural history as a disciplinary history. It also interprets the events and cultural phenomena in the past and uses the findings to understand the present and have visions for the future.
Major Elective B01765 English Essay Writing 2.00
This course is designed to train students’ writing skills: Based on the writing ability acquired in previous courses such as English Grammar, and English Writing I, II, this course aims to expand the range to paragraph writing. Students practice to build a good paragraph with grammatical and felicitous sentences. One is required to make an outline based on given topic and sub-topics and to complete an essay via connecting the paragraphs.
Major Elective B01766 Intermediate English Conversation Practice 2.00
This course is a follow-up course of English Conversation I that is offered for the first years. Based on the communication skills in English developed in the previous course. this course provides more intensive training in order for the students to be equipped with more ability to work globally.
Major Essential B01801 Survey in American Literature 3.00
The general goal of Introduction to American Literature is to introduce students to various short stories from the North American Continent spanning from the late 19th and early 20th Century until modern day. Through this course, students will improve their reading, literary analysis, writing, and research skills. This class will focus on close reading of a wide array of texts.
Major Essential B01802 Introduction to English Linguistics 3.00
This subject is an introductory course of contemporatory English linguistics. It mainly deals with English sounds, words, and sentence structures on the contemproatory linguistic basis. It presupposes that the students have alreday read Introduction to Linguistics offered in the first school year and therefore in this course they are expected to learn English lingusitcs on the higher level for the further study of phonetics, phonology, syntax, and semantics. Last but not least, thorught this lecture, students can understand English more systematically and positively apply their knowledge to their real linguistic life.
Major Elective B01871 Understanding Advanced English Grammar 3.00
This course is intended to enhance students’ knowledge in advanced English grammar from the perspective of educational grammar and examine current grammatical theories including achievements of the modern English linguistics. Utilizing a wide range of English texts, students will be able to raise their English grammar skill and to apply their knowledge into practice.
3rd year
English Language & Literature Curriculum
Category Code Courses Credits Abeek
Liberal Arts Elective A01109 introduction to classic 2.00
This course is designed to provide undergraduate students with a broad survey of diverse central problems in humanities. It is aimed at acquainting students with the significances and methodology of various disciplines in humanities. It consist of a series of lectures by specialists in and outside the campus as well as a field trip intended to promote the solidarity of the students. The goal of this course is to provide interdisciplinary learning opportunities for students. The professors from different fields offer a series of lecrures; the participating professors are expected to collaborate on lectures, instead of dividing their teaching-load.
Major Essential B01750 Overview of the British Literature 3.00
This course aims to give students a general view of English literature since Neoclassicism. Students will not only study significant trends of English literature together with its historical background but appreciate major works of some major writers, which will enable them to catch the dynamic interrelation between literature and society. And students will also be able to enhance their reading ability and feel interest in English literature, which will lead to a further detailed study.
Major Elective B01753 English Debate 2.00
This course is designed to develop the discussion skills as follows: (1) the ability to present one’s opinion effectively in English (2) to provide appropriate arguments for a given topic. What is required for a good participant in English discussion does not only include one’s fluency in English but many other factors such as how logically one develops his opinion and how effectively one delivers it. This course let students practice skills related to this.
Major Elective B01769 English Syntax 3.00
This course explores how English sentences are constructed under the generative grammar framework. Generative grammar is based on the assumption that language is spoken by instinct. In the process to study generative linguistics, students acquire theoretical knowledge as well as deeper understanding of English. In addition, through the scientific process of analyzing data, setting up an analysis, examinating the validity of the hypothesis, etc., students can develop their ability to think and criticize a given task.
Major Elective B01796 American Novels 3.00
This course is a survey of American literature from 17th century to the present. Students will learn the backgrounds and trend of American literature by analyzing texts of principle writers of each period. The tradition and characteristics of American literature that are different from the ones of British literature will be examined as well. Also, students will be encouraged to improve English reading skills through close reading.
Major Elective B01850 The history of English 2.00
This course is intended to make students well-informed of not just the internal history of the English language which includes the development of its sounds, spellings, forms, grammar and word stock but also with its external history pertaining to the political and social events which have, in the course of English history, so profoundly affected the English people. In addition, its focus will also be put on fostering the students' word power and reading comprehension and, if possible, cultivating their presentation skills as well.
Liberal Arts Elective Y00310 World English Culture 2.00
Lectures are given by foreign language instructors and involve a variety of issues and topics relation to World English Culture.
4th year
English Language & Literature Curriculum
Category Code Courses Credits Abeek
Liberal Arts Elective A00102 Understanding of Art and Design 2.00
It, the 21st century, is the era of design. The period calls for an innovative design beyond the function and economic value created by a design. A lot of design knowledge and information were introduced in a short time from advanced nations in a design field. We now reach a point where it is necessary to put a newly different perspective in a design. This course deals with a point of view, which changes with passge of time, of people. The topics include the followings : What is a design?, What is a design for?, How a design is implemented?
Liberal Arts Elective A00972 Speech Manners in Korean Language 2.00
Lectures on manner in Korean language for the establishment of a sound civil ethics.
Teacher Training A01151 English Education Studies in Teaching Materials and Teaching Methods 3.00
This course is designed to provide future teachers of English as a foreign language with an upto-date principles of materials development and language teaching methodology (including communicative language teaching). The ultimate aim of this course is to provide a synthesis between principle and practice through micro-teachings, students being able to design teaching materials and develop teaching skills.
Major Elective B01749 Social English 2.00
This course is intended to help students aware and understand current social, political, economic, and cultural issues and enhance their critical thinking and creative expression capabilities by attentively reading newspaper articles or other mass media news. Students will learn various English words, idiomatic expressions and sentence structures used in newspapers.
Major Elective B01761 Understanding British Poems 3.00
This overviews the history of English poetry since the Renaissance age up to the modern times. Students read the work of Shakespeare,?Metaphysical?Poets,?Pope,?Wordsworth,?Shelley,?Keats,?Tennyson,?Browning,?Yeats,?T.?S.?Eliot,?Pound, who are the representative poets in each age, and understand them related to the spirit of the times. Through this process, students learn the property and components of English poetry.
Major Elective B01798 Shakespeare 3.00
This course is designed to read Shakespeare's two representative tragedies and also to trace the literary tradition of Renaissance tragedies in connection with the Senecan influence. In addition to the traditional approaches to the plays, the perspective of cultural poetics will be used to interpret Shakespeare's plays in the concrete socio-historical context in which they were written. Last but not least, students are expected to do reading assignment(s) before each class and to be ready for active class discussions.
Major Elective B01800 Modern British Novels 3.00
This course, first of all, explores what modernist novel is: the formal innovations, stylistic preferences and thematic concerns which unite modernist fiction. It also aims to demonstrate how modernist novels relate to other forms of art, and to the social and cultural context from which they emerged. Prominent novelists such as James Joyce, Virginia Woolf, D. H. Lawrence, Katherine Mansfield along with other well-known modernists will be critically read and discussed in view of their experiments and renovations in literary ideas and practices, including the concept of time and consciousness, reality and vision, and the alternative way to communicate with readers.
Major Elective B01870 Application of English Linguistics 3.00
Based on what has been taught in previous theoretical linguistics courses, this course explores how these can be extended to the related fields. We can investigate the fields which refer to (English) linguistics and study the contents to which linguistics is applied. Since the course can be developed in various ways, the professor in charge in that year is responsible for the course’s specific direction. This course is also available for team-teaching in order to achieve the course’s aim of understanding the diversity of linguistic application.
Major Elective B01886 Capstone Design I 1.00
Capstone Design is a culminating course offered to undergraduate students of English major. Students work in teams to design, build, and test prototypes with real world applications. Teams will be organized in small groups. The Capstone Design course provides students the opportunity to work with real-world, open-ended, interdisciplinary challenges proposed by industrial and community project sponsors. They learn and experience the English-related design process: defining the social needs, analyzing, planning, executing the process and producing the final results. Student teams design and build working, physical prototypes to validate their solutions with the aid of advisors's comments. By working in teams they develop leadership skills and group dynamics. Advisors will consult with the students and evaluate the projects at the end of the semester. At the end of the semester, student teams display their final reports and marketability to a panel of judges and their peers, while competing for prizes.

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