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Japanese Language and Area Studies

1st Year
Japanese Language and Area Studies Curriculum
Category Code Courses Credits Abeek
Liberal Arts Elective A00076 Logic and Thought 2.00
Logic and Thought: Logic concerns methods of drawing a distinction between a valid argument and an invalid one, and the principles of the methods. This course is not restricted to introducing and explaining the rules of inferences, but proceeds to deal with the questions of how to use the rules to build valid arguments and how to propound our views logically. Various arguments from articles, newspapers and magazines will be investigated. Students will learn how to express their thoughts in brief statements, define their terms clearly, analyze and build their arguments strictly.
Liberal Arts Elective A00086 What is History 2.00
This course is introduction to the history. In this course we consider elements of philosophy of history, the method of studying history, and trends of modern and post modern history.
Liberal Arts Elective A00109 Understanding of Human Behaviors 2.00
The course pursues to help understanding of myself and others. The basic theories of the course will be adopted from psychology as a science of human behaviors and mental process.
Liberal Arts Elective A00957 Critical Thinking & Argumentative Writing 2.00
Critical thinking requires seeing things through imagination from perspectives other than our own and envisioning the likely consequences of our position. Thinking critically besides involves trying to see how things fit together and judging the merit of our assumptions and the weight of the evidence in their favor. Hence this course begins with talking about searching for hidden assumptions, noticing various various facets, unraveling different strands, evaluating what is most significant, in a given argumentative essay. The rest of this course concerns writing arguments. It deals with getting and developing ideas, formulating and stating a basic thesis, making supplementary propositions that will explain and defend the thesis.
Basic Elective B01222 Understanding of General Linguistics 2.00
Linguistics studies the nature of language which is the medium of communication. This study is done in terms of universality and the government of language rules. By studying the unique features of the humanity of the language, we can better understand human beings as a talking and thinking animal.
Major Elective B01436 Introduction to Japanese Culture 2.00
In this class students will be able to be familiar to Japanese culture of foods, life, religion etc, and to see Japan with various points of view.
Major Elective B01843 Japanese practice compositionⅠ 2.00
Areas where learning Japanese foundation the semantic cross reference the two countries, in Japan language. The ability to write is in a sense the most comprehensive reading, writing and speaking and listening to learners because management can be written by assessing the exact composition.Realize the writing skills of learners.
Major Elective B01845 Basic Japanese practiceⅠ 2.00
This course is that laid the foundations of the Japanese character by subjects and sounds of Japanese as well knowledge of basic sentence pattern and basic foundation of reading and speaking and listening and writingTo study the grammar intensified in a simple conversation, go better by understanding and allowed them to set a foundation that can learn Japanese.
Major Elective B01847 Japanese conversation practiceⅠ 2.00
Japan's importance in the international community is no longer need to say once again. Nippon in the 21st century agenda should focus on their new state of South Korea and Japan have historically had nothing to do with a special relationships with the 21st century, but we are of the New JapanStrive to build on an equal footing with them and understand the current Japanese developed maintaining national of the negotiations stand at a time when to go. In that process, it would to become the most basic communication and mutual understanding, the start were focused on learning Japanese and the open. Japanese in here. ship Hyundai as to what it refers to as Mandarin, Japanese conversation class is her subjects is to master as a voice in Japanese language learners.
2nd year
Japanese Language and Area Studies Curriculum
Category Code Courses Credits Abeek
Liberal Arts Elective A00115 International Relations in the 21st Century 2.00
This Course is designed to provide an introduction to International Issues and to a number of theoretical concerns bearing upon International Relations and International Politics in globalizing world. The class essentially divides into four components: 1) Historical Background about International Politics; 2) International Organizations; 3) Globalization and Regionalism; 4) International Conflict. From time to time the class will refer to approaches taken in other issues in globalizing world about Energy problems, Environment issue, Intellectual Property, and so on. International Relations are a rich field. This course cannot be exhaustive. Some intriguing and important issues cannot be covered. I hope that it will whet your appetite for further study in major subject.
Liberal Arts Elective A00118 Information Culture in the Contemporary Society 2.00
This lecture aims to understand information society from the cultural perspective. The main components of this lecture are two. One is to understand the positive and negative aspects of information society. The other is to cultivate the students' mind to convert the existing information society into the better one.
Liberal Arts Essential A01116 Reading and Writing in English 2.00
The primary focus of this course is to cultivate students' reading ability and to develop their writing ability through various materials concerning human and social sciences as well as natural sciences. Moreover, this course is designed to improve students' understanding about British and American culture.
Major Essential B01552 Japanese Reading I 2.00
.Japanese Reading is to understand exactly the meaning of written Japanese. It needs grammatical, lexical Knowledge of intermediate levei. The contents are about fiction and nonfiction.
Major Essential B01663 Japanese Culture 2.00
For students who are majoring in Japanese language and Japanese literature, Japanese culture history is the most basic subject. The Japanese cultural history is a subject to enhance understanding of basic Japanese history, and the focus of the opening of the course is limited, rather than focusing on the phenomenon. To make this easier, we will look at the contents according to the period division.
Major Elective B01781 Korean japanese translation I 2.00
It is a field to learn Japanese language based on comparison between two countries. Because literacy can in some ways be the most comprehensive operational capability of listening, writing, speaking, or reading, learners will be able to identify correct learners ’ language skills in writing. In this academic year, we focus on the Japanese language patterns and expressions of misuse.
Major Elective B01783 Japanese practical grammar 2.00
We learn the grammatical structure of the modern Japanese language. It includes Japanese morphology and syntax. Students will be provided with brief explanations about Japanese grammar and some questions to be solved in the course.
Major Essential B01827 Japanese ConversationI 2.00
This course aims to share a conversation using the correct sentence and vocabulary, expression of the advanced level. And to practice conversation in Japanese and smooth to suit a range of circumstances and purposes, it can promote communication skills and cultural understanding through the Japanese through and improve their international competitiveness.
Major Elective B01874 Project seminar I(Capstone design) 1.00
The purpose of this seminar is to further refine the areas of major and relevant areas that were not covered by various timescales due to various timescales. Each seminar focuses on the characteristics of each seminar.
3rd year
Japanese Language and Area Studies Curriculum
Category Code Courses Credits Abeek
Major Elective B01829 Practical Japanese Conversation 2.00
This course is intended for students who do not participate in the international field trips. Immediately available for conversation practice in practice, using a high-level sentence patterns, vocabulary, expressions, aims to share a conversation correctly. Doctors with Japanese communication skills and through this so you can understand and promote the culture.
Major Elective B01835 Field Japanese composition 3.00
Power is subject to the acceptance of a high score in the neck adapted to the Japanese Language Proficiency Test conducted at the same time, Japanese-depth knowledge and the ability to systematically raise a hand once around the world each year. Exercise books distributed to students on the past 10 years been implemented in advance and it aims to acquire one released in the process of a variety of characters, such as vocabulary, grammar and phrases expressive style as a whole.
Major Elective B01836 Field Japanese Culture 3.00
Due to the diversification of the recent World has been raised is the need to approach Studies and foreign research center, unlike the past. Accordingly, in this department has conducted field trips abroad. In order to effectively learning to recognize the fact that there has been very important to understand the culture and history of the area. By setting the aim of this course students are to become operational will help greatly to research on the area and expand their specialty area.
Major Elective B01837 Field Japanese pronunciation 3.00
Japanese Phonetics for field study is to study the basic phonetic knowledge of Japanese to achieve the goal of effect for field study in Japan Concretely , it include some phone, nonvocalized vowel, nasal vowel and pitch accent.
Major Elective B01838 Field Japanese translation 3.00
The lesson to practice the translation of modern Japanese sentences into Korean. When the second year of study, and writing, Reading, noted the comprehensive statement such as the one identified based on the similarity of grammar, especially sheep languages to its underlying meaning and it is time to try to correct identified. Modern contact excerpts Jung Su-ra interesting theme that can be analyzed and discussed.
Major Elective B01849 Japanese Modern literature 2.00
Japanese literature and used and medieval and modern and modern for a total of five seasons can be divided. In this course of them brought into the Japanese and western technology and culture since the Meiji Restoration of 1868, concentrated on the literature, beginning to affect learning.
Major Elective B01876 Project seminar III(Capstone design) 1.00
The purpose of this seminar is to further refine the areas of major and relevant areas that were not covered by various timescales due to various timescales. Each seminar focuses on the characteristics of each seminar.
4th year
Japanese Language and Area Studies Curriculum
Category Code Courses Credits Abeek
Teacher Training A01153 Japanese Education Studies in Teaching Materials and Teaching Methods 3.00
Major Elective B01482 JapaneseSemanticDistinction 2.00
This course aims to acquire the knowledge to distinguish similar Japanese expressions. This course aims to grasp the deep knowledge simply through understanding of the similar expressions systematically and analytically. This course deals with vocabularies and everyday expressions which are used in high frequencies as many as possible. Every expressions will be given the usage in the context specifically to understand them with ease.
Major Elective B01560 Japanese Literature and Society 2.00
Japanese literature, ranging from ancient to modern, is understood from the social perspectives of its respective times and how its works are represented in today's visual culture, theater culture, mass media, and music.Japanese literature, as an ancient art that observes the historical, social and cultural significance of a work, maintains an inextricable relationship with the contemporary society by observing its historical, social and cultural significance, rather than dealing with its literary nature itself.
Major Elective B01650 Japanese Folklore and Culture 2.00
To understand Japanese culture today, it is necessary to understand Japanese people who are not from the past. That is why in the fields of folklore and anthropology, people pay attention to non-country urban people. That is, because most of the population is urban, we can not discuss the culture of the country now except for them.Therefore, to understand Japanese culture, modern urban culture is different from the traditional culture of the past. It was established with a desire to understand.
Major Elective B01651 Japanese Marketing 2.00
To foster practical knowledge concerning the exploration of the Japanese market, this course invited best-in-class external experts to teach students about trade and provides team-titling. Develop an understanding of enterprise sites and improve job opportunities for students
Major Elective B01832 Topics Japanese translation 2.00
In this course the learner will practice the skills learned in the translation into practice through a variety of patterns and basic theory of translation work to be successful in business practices come after graduation. Improved selection of appropriate vocabulary skills through the same lexical representation contrast to the exact same translation, sector specialized vocabulary improvement, through training and improve expressive power of translation requires practice on a variety of topics.
Major Elective B01878 Project seminar V(Capstone design) 1.00
The purpose of this seminar is to further refine the areas of major and relevant areas that were not covered by various timescales due to various timescales. Each seminar focuses on the characteristics of each seminar.

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