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Chinese Language and Area Studies

1st Year
Chinese Language and Area Studies Curriculum
Category Code Courses Credits Abeek
Liberal Arts Elective A00038 Introduction to Writing and Reporting 2.00
Fundamentally, Speakings and Writings must stand on the formality under the their rules. The course should teach the students the basics of formal and academic Korean writings. Students should, by the end of the course, be familiar with the elements of a well-constructed Korean paragraph. Secondarily, students should have knowledge of how a series of paragraph fit together in a unified, coherent formal and academic reports. The course should emphasis that in order to write well in reports, one must learn to speakings through logical thinking.
Liberal Arts Essential A00039 English Conversation I 2.00
This course is to improve students' communicative competence in English and understandings of the Western culture. The students practice listening and speaking through activities in pairs and in a small group as well as in a teacher-to-student interaction. With linguistic and cultural approaches, learners are engaged in expanding their knowledge of English vocabulary and grammar, and in understanding a variety of sentence structures to help the learners use them in a real situation. Also skills for standard tests like the TOEIC are taught. Since this course needs language practice, the students are advised to aggressively participate in class with their best efforts.
Liberal Arts Elective A00979 The Korean history and culture 2.00
This course encourages the students to make a cultural approach towards history and develop a deep understanding of the Korean history and culture. It tries to understand the structure, individuals, social systems and human practice in an integrated fashion rather than pursuing cultural history as a disciplinary history. It also interprets the events and cultural phenomena in the past and uses the findings to understand the present and have visions for the future.
Major Elective B00830 Basic Chinese 3.00
Course Title: Elementary Chinese This course is intended for beginner students of Chinese Department. Understanding what kind of language Chinese is as the goal, such as Chinese Language overview, phonetics system, grammatical structure etc. Based on this purpose, students will learn more than 400 Chinese words, and practice conversations in order to improve their ability of the Chinese language.
Basic Elective B01221 Special Topics in Literature 2.00
This course is designed to provide students with a general understanding and appreciation of English literature. The course leads students to learn the fundamental characters of literature and appreciate various genres of literature. Moreover, students will practice to interpret each selected literary text with their own eyes and show their own critical point of views on each literary text.
Basic Elective B01223 Practical Chinese Character 2.00
This subject aims to study Chinese characters and texts which is essential for Korean’s everyday life.
Major Elective B01315 Comprehension in Chinese 2.00
This course is designed to help students understand Chinese through understanding the process of development , characteristic and function of Chinese language.
Major Elective B01702 Practice in Elementary Chinese I 3.00
2nd year
Chinese Language and Area Studies Curriculum
Category Code Courses Credits Abeek
Liberal Arts Elective A00075 Introduction to Philosophy 2.00
The objectives of this introductory course are to learn the definition of philosophy, study some of important historical events in the field of philosophy, and apply the principles from the course to real-life examples. In this course, the relationship between philosophy and sciences, different views by philosophers about the truth, and the methodology and its development are introduced. Finally, some of current ethical and philosophical issues are examined from the view of an individual reflection, and societal perspective.
Liberal Arts Elective A00957 Critical Thinking & Argumentative Writing 2.00
Critical thinking requires seeing things through imagination from perspectives other than our own and envisioning the likely consequences of our position. Thinking critically besides involves trying to see how things fit together and judging the merit of our assumptions and the weight of the evidence in their favor. Hence this course begins with talking about searching for hidden assumptions, noticing various various facets, unraveling different strands, evaluating what is most significant, in a given argumentative essay. The rest of this course concerns writing arguments. It deals with getting and developing ideas, formulating and stating a basic thesis, making supplementary propositions that will explain and defend the thesis.
Major Elective B00831 Comprehension in Modern China 3.00
Comprehension of Modern China This course is the requirement course mainly for the sophomore students majoring in Chinese & Sinology. The instructor of this course introduces the general synopsis on the Chinese politics, economics, history, geography, and the information of the trip to China to students, and further deals with present social issues of China, focusing on the present situation of China which changes very rapidly. Besides, this course also reviews the lifestyle and thinking way of Chines people, the difference and similarity between Korea and China, the issues and perspective of the exchange between two countries.
Major Elective B00838 Writing in Intermediate Chinese 3.00
Basic Chinese Composition Before the study of this course,the student should have mastered some Chinese grammars and they have grasped at least 600 Chinese words. Through learning this course,the students should understand a phase with 300 Chinese characters.They should acquire the ability of inferring,summarizing and guessing of reading the original text.They should acquire the ability of composing the standard articles and some documents and writings except literary work with the right form of characters or letters,the rather consistent sentences and the rather accurate expression.They should acquire the ability of two-way translation between the mother tongue and Chinese of some standard articles.
Major Elective B01696 Practice in Intermediate Chinese 3.00
Through learning this course of 16 weeks, the students should master 2000 Chinese common words and more than 80 items of the Chinese grammars. On the side of the listening comprehension,the students should understand the main contents of the usual television news and broadcast news.They should understand the main contents of some teleplay.On the side of the speaking,the students should acquire the ability of announcing the opinion of all kinds of societal topical subject.And they should acquire the ability of social functions with Chinese.
Major Essential B01725 The History of Chinese Literature 3.00
Literature is the expression of thoughts and feelings coming from the real-life experience of the Human Being and the history of literature is a course researching the diachronic evolution of literary. This course of The History of Chinese Literature explores the long and colorful evolution of the Chinese literature systematically, it helps to understand China and Chinese people deeply.
3rd year
Chinese Language and Area Studies Curriculum
Category Code Courses Credits Abeek
Major Essential B01504 The Thought of China and Society 3.00
The oriental countries should interchange equally with the western countries, not just politics, economy, but established their subjecthood of culture and idea. Thus, we have a new view of life and a world view, then we can develop world history of mankind. From here, the heart a question is, how far Eastern ideas contribute to humanity and have a deeper meaning. We should examine oriental view of life, thought, its historical development and its situation for organizing our new philosophy. It will appear as a task which is investigation and analysis about oriental idea. For that, you should understand Chinese idea in oriental idea in advance. This course is opened to help students to understand that.
Basic Elective B01506 Creating Career Portfolio 2.00
There's a high probability that people set a goal. To reach a goal. We are requested to analysis SWOT and establish a plan for their own goals. The primary goal of this course is to introduce a variety of jobs and improve the goal management ability which plans their life and practice in real life.
Major Essential B01699 Appliciation of Chinese Novels 2.00
Appreciation of Chinese Fiction This course is designed to be offered mainly for the third year students who are majoring Chinese & sinology. The instructor will share the basic knowledge and information about fiction which belongs to one of the important fields among the Chinese literary genres, and also analyze the major literary works selected throughout the whole history of Chinese fiction. We will deal with the novels and short stories within the range between fiction of pre-Qin Dynasty and story telling of Song Dynasty.
Major Elective B01840 Training in Chinese Interpretation & Translation 2.00
One or the most important goal of learning foreign languge is clear interpretation & translation. For the clear interpretation & translation, it require abundant knowledge in the relevant field, but the skillful aspects which are a speech and behavior norm, technique and error-analysis are also important. Through this subject, students can acquire general knowledge which is needed for intepretation & translation. Also they can exercise with various tapic, after graduating they can successfully unilize practical business.
Major Essential B01864 Project Seminar I(capstone design) 1.00
A seminar for our deep and general research into the project presented specially by every professor in this department. And this is the fourth phase of the research.
4th year
Chinese Language and Area Studies Curriculum
Category Code Courses Credits Abeek
Teacher Training A01152 Chinese Education Studies in Teaching Materials and Teaching Methods 3.00
Major Elective B00862 Readings from Modern chinese Literature 2.00
This course focuses on the appreciation and criticism of works of modern major writers such as Lu Xun, Mao Dun etc. the main purpose is to explore the characteristics of literature and their influence on the modern literature.
Major Elective B01717 Media Chinese 2.00
Major Elective B01726 Special Topics on Chinese Culture 2.00
The course of Special Topics on Chinese Culture explores the cultural essence of Chinese traditional literature, history, philosophy etc. for the sake of understanding the source of Chinese spirit better, It also helps to communicate with Chinese people in the future.
Major Elective B01728 Capstone Design I(Chinese Business Practice) 2.00
This curriculum is designed to improve global engineering sales skills through team works for specific industry area such as environment, automobile, ect. And it include "Overseas Market Research", "First Contact to Potential Buyer" and "Attend Exhibition or Trade Missing" activities in the course.
Major Elective B01842 Chinese Teaching Theory&Practice 2.00
Examine the theoretical background and recent trends in Chinese language education and Chinese education
Major Elective B01866 Project Seminar III(capstone design) 1.00
A seminar for our deep and general research into the project presented specially by every professor in this department. And this is the fourth phase of the research.

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