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International Business Communication

1st Year
International Business Communication Curriculum
Category Code Courses Credits Abeek
Liberal Arts Elective A00038 Introduction to Writing and Reporting 2.00
Fundamentally, Speakings and Writings must stand on the formality under the their rules. The course should teach the students the basics of formal and academic Korean writings. Students should, by the end of the course, be familiar with the elements of a well-constructed Korean paragraph. Secondarily, students should have knowledge of how a series of paragraph fit together in a unified, coherent formal and academic reports. The course should emphasis that in order to write well in reports, one must learn to speakings through logical thinking.
Liberal Arts Essential A00039 English Conversation I 2.00
This course is to improve students' communicative competence in English and understandings of the Western culture. The students practice listening and speaking through activities in pairs and in a small group as well as in a teacher-to-student interaction. With linguistic and cultural approaches, learners are engaged in expanding their knowledge of English vocabulary and grammar, and in understanding a variety of sentence structures to help the learners use them in a real situation. Also skills for standard tests like the TOEIC are taught. Since this course needs language practice, the students are advised to aggressively participate in class with their best efforts.
Liberal Arts Elective A00979 The Korean history and culture 2.00
This course encourages the students to make a cultural approach towards history and develop a deep understanding of the Korean history and culture. It tries to understand the structure, individuals, social systems and human practice in an integrated fashion rather than pursuing cultural history as a disciplinary history. It also interprets the events and cultural phenomena in the past and uses the findings to understand the present and have visions for the future.
Major Elective B00830 Basic Chinese 3.00
Course Title: Elementary Chinese This course is intended for beginner students of Chinese Department. Understanding what kind of language Chinese is as the goal, such as Chinese Language overview, phonetics system, grammatical structure etc. Based on this purpose, students will learn more than 400 Chinese words, and practice conversations in order to improve their ability of the Chinese language.
Basic Elective B01221 Special Topics in Literature 2.00
This course is designed to provide students with a general understanding and appreciation of English literature. The course leads students to learn the fundamental characters of literature and appreciate various genres of literature. Moreover, students will practice to interpret each selected literary text with their own eyes and show their own critical point of views on each literary text.
Basic Elective B01223 Practical Chinese Character 2.00
This subject aims to study Chinese characters and texts which is essential for Korean’s everyday life.
Major Elective B01315 Comprehension in Chinese 2.00
This course is designed to help students understand Chinese through understanding the process of development , characteristic and function of Chinese language.
Major Elective B01702 Practice in Elementary Chinese I 3.00
2nd year
International Business Communication Curriculum
Category Code Courses Credits Abeek
Major Elective B01600 Theory and Practice of advertisement planning 2.00
This 1-semester course aims at helping understand advertisement planning, which is integral to the modern production of advertisements. Furthermore, it is intended to orient students towards advertisement and its production and planning, and to have them set up foundations for the work of advertisement planning. With respect to the contents of the course, first of all, advertisement and advertisement planning will be discussed in general terms. Secondly, theories of advertisement planning including models for advertisement strategy will be introduced, and moreover, various roles and steps constitutive of advertisement planning will be thoroughly analyzed. Finally, the students will be encouraged to participate in practising works related to advertisement planning, such as copywriting. This course will centre on the teaching of theories and knowledge, and yet, it will also involve students’ practices in teams. Specialists working for advertising industries will be invited to share their vivid work experiences with the students.
Major Elective C00614 Introduction to Economics 3.00
The principles of economics deal with the fundamental theories of modern economics, which freshman students should understand and apply for. Economics combines the virtues of politics and science. Thus, the principles of economics can be applied in many of life's situations.
Major Elective D00034 Marketing 3.00
This course introduces the basic concepts and knowledge for marketing management and strategic thinking. Also several models are explained for understanding consumer behavior and basic marketing research concepts are introduced. Finally marketing mix variables are explained for marketing mix strategy.
3rd year
International Business Communication Curriculum
Category Code Courses Credits Abeek
Major Essential B01684 Capstone Design (Global Sales Engineer Training) 3.00
This curriculum is designed to improve global engineering sales skills through team works for specific industry area such as environment, automobile, ect. And it include "Overseas Market Research ","First Contact to Potential Buyer" and "Attend Exhibition or Trade Missing" activities in the course.
Major Elective B01730 Global Trade Experts Training Course I(GTETC) 3.00
This course deals with the more deeply study of international trade practices and how to do exporting and importing business by introducing them to the procedures of business contracts, settling, writing letters of credit, marine insurance, International transport, international commercial arbitration, and so forth.
Major Elective B01775 Intercultural Understandings and Communication in America,China, and Japan 2.00
The course offers junior- or senior-level students the opportunity to develop their cultural understandings and communication skills in intercultural context with special reference to North America,China, and Japan.
Major Elective B01815 Practice of Translation I 3.00
This class goes towards the translation of the Spanish to the Korean. Considering that the translation of the Spanish becomes more and more important nowadays, it will try to form the specialists of the Spanish through the communicative practices of the translation.
Major Elective B01840 Training in Chinese Interpretation & Translation 2.00
One or the most important goal of learning foreign languge is clear interpretation & translation. For the clear interpretation & translation, it require abundant knowledge in the relevant field, but the skillful aspects which are a speech and behavior norm, technique and error-analysis are also important. Through this subject, students can acquire general knowledge which is needed for intepretation & translation. Also they can exercise with various tapic, after graduating they can successfully unilize practical business.
Major Elective D00014 International Business 3.00
This course examines the strategic, organizational and managerial challenges faced by companies operating in today`s global world economy. The focus will be placed on, but not restricted to, the multinational enterprise. The first part of the course explores the strategic issues at stake, by addressing the nature of globalization forces and the choice of modes of entry in a foreign market. The second part of the course will concentrate on the interaction between collaboration and competition. The cooperative phenomenon of strategic alliances, joint ventures and consortia will be contrasted across the Triad Powers(Europe, Japan and U.S.) as well as investigated in the context of developing countries. The third part of the course will examine the management task of the firm`s resources. such as organizational and control issues, production & sourcing, human resources, and business-government relations will be explored from a managerial perspective.
Major Elective D00052 Marketing Research 3.00
This course introduces the methods for understanding and analyzing the market situation. Basic concepts are explained for doing marketing research. Definition of problems, research design, data collection, data analysis, report are studied in detail.
4th year
International Business Communication Curriculum
Category Code Courses Credits Abeek
Major Elective B01651 Japanese Marketing 2.00
Major Elective B01728 Capstone Design I(Chinese Business Practice) 2.00
This curriculum is designed to improve global engineering sales skills through team works for specific industry area such as environment, automobile, ect. And it include "Overseas Market Research", "First Contact to Potential Buyer" and "Attend Exhibition or Trade Missing" activities in the course.
Major Elective B01768 Business Trade English 3.00
To meet the contemporary needs of international business and commerce and give young students insights on the processes of international trade, this course is designed, as an interdisciplinary subject or a subject of convergence, to raise the understanding and practice of English business letters and of writing business situations in English, and to offer knowledge of trade terms and processes.
Major Elective D00021 International Marketing 3.00
This course introduces strategic thinking and basic methods for marketing managers in the age of globalization of the companies. This course is treated as one area of international business. As the means for getting competitive advantage, scope of business, long-term goals and functional strategies will be covered.

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