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Aerospace Engineering

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✈ Aerospace Engineering Department
Welcome to the Aerospace engineering major of School of Mechanical Engineering. Aerospace engineering major is an academic field of a leading-edge technology and one of the future core technologies. This major is the only department in our community that produces aerospace engineers needed in our future society. Our department is waiting for the future human resources who are dreaming to work in the aerospace engineering field. You make your dream come true in our aerospace engineering department and in the school of mechanical engineering.

The head professor of aerospace engineering major of school of mechanical engineering, Kwon, Jung-ho

✈Aerospace Engineering is the comprehensive academic field of studying flight vehicles, and it requires the deep knowledge of dynamics. Aerospace engineering includes aero dynamics, structural dynamics, propulsion dynamics, and flight dynamics and control.

Students are able to learn the fundamental knowledge of these diverse fields. In the 21st century the aerospace industry will play a pivotal role in traffic, communications and transportation. Thus, this major aims to nurture engineers ready to conduct the government’s plans of producing mid-size airliners, supersonic fighting planes, missiles, rockets, satellites and next generation helicopters. Also we set our goal to produce brains that are able to conduct research and development in the next generation.

Aerospace engineering is seen as a high value-added industry for the national defense; therefore, this major requires young people with challenging spirits who try to make their dreams come true individually and creatively.

The 21st century core strategic industry, aerospace industry!
We are the leaders.
Educational objectives
Academic Objectives

This major focuses on producing competent engineers equipped with the ability of designing, manufacturing, developing flight vehicles through combined major courses and on-site training based on the elementary knowledge concerning engineering.

1. Developing the basic knowledge of major and problem solution ability.

Strengthening major education in order to improve analysis and problems solving ability in the majoring area on the basis of the solid understanding of the basic courses such as mathematics, science, computer technology and major basic courses

2. Developing on-site practical qualifications

Cultivating capabilities by adequately using the application knowledge from advanced major courses and experiment and practice courses, cutting edge technology and information in the aerospace related on-site work

3. Developing a professional with excellent qualification

Having students equip with their leadership, management mind, volunteer spirits, engineering ethics, and the communication ability in order to fulfill their mission and responsibility as a professional engineer.

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