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Chemical Engineering

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The comprehensive engineer to lead the 21st century industry

Chemical engineering is a comprehensive type of engineering covering all sciences, and aims to nurture qualified engineers to participate in the development, design, operation of chemical, biological, and physical processes. Currently, dramatic changes and investment are being made domestically in the fields of energy/environment technology(ET), information technology(IT), biochemical technology(BT) and nano technology(NT), and chemical engineers will be welcomed in any of the fields described above as a comprehensive engineer.

Our goal of producing human resources needed for Korea’s largest chemical complex

Ulsan is home to the largest chemical complex in Korea and our department can take advantage of this proximity by utilizing the cooperative network between both the university and the industries for education and employment. It can be proven by the employment rate, especially in the major field, which means that chemical engineers are definitely needed in the manufacturing processes of intermediate compounds or final products through processing raw materials in the real factories, not in the laboratory.

Promoting to be top class school

Supported by the University’s policy “to become the top class school’ and KCC, the school of chemical engineering has been implementing the TCS program since 2008. As a result, our school has been ranked highly in the Korean chemical engineering field.
Educational objectives
This major aims to nurture qualified engineers with the knowledge of chemical engineering concerning the development, design, operation, control and optimization of chemical processes to produce general materials needed for human life. With these skills learned with various raw materials and natural resources, they are able to operate chemical plants economically and efficiently. This major also aims to educate on the development of the unit process, engineering functionality and optimality of the new material field concerned with petrochemicals, fine and polymer chemistry, new energy technology, and go further to cultivate the ability for students to understand and apply the cutting edge technology related to these fields.

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