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Information Technology

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School of Electrical Engineering
Computer Engineering and Information Technology Major

This major focuses on involving students in academic research and producing qualified professionals in the field of development and application of the software and hardware needed in computer engineering and information areas to keep up with the rapidly changing information industry.

The software field trains students to be equipped with the highest level of competence in programming languages by practicing through various assignments from programming courses including C/C++, Java, Prolog, and Assembly, from basic application programs to advanced professional application system production.

It leads students to be familiar with the theoretical background of system configuration through the basic academic courses like discrete math, database, and software engineering and so on, as well as developing information management and system analysis capabilities through the assignments covering various actual database systems.

The courses on the operating system, the compiler, the system program and so on help students develop their qualifications as a system programmer by deeply studying engineering problems of core software and doing experimental assignments. Courses like automatic machine theory, structure of the computer, the microprocessor, digital systems, and electronic circuits help students gain sufficient understanding of computer hardware and the basic concepts for computer production and design. Courses covering artificial intelligence, data communications, computer networks, computer graphics and so on help students develop their highest level of research ability in computer applications such as scientific and engineering problems, automation of problems in the industries, and network problems.

The hardware field offers both theoretical and practical study on the principles and application concerned with the design and development of the electronic calculator. Students can study the principles and the operations of the computer through diverse courses such as digital engineering, computer structures, the operating system, programming, algorithm theory and so on. Additionally, students can develop their capabilities of designing and building factory automation and information networks based on theoretical and practical courses concerning the application of the microprocessor, CAD, and the computer network. Eventually, they will explore new cutting edge areas of the computer through the theories and practices concerning artificial intelligence and neural networks.

Also, this area aims to nurture qualified professionals needed for the multimedia information society through advanced multimedia courses such as multimedia fundamentals and applications, the digital signal and the computer sound system. As such, this hardware area prepares for the demand for highly qualified information technology resources from controlling area to system integration by deeply studying the two areas of the computer- both the software and hardware and acquiring the ability to combine and design the software and hardware.

Electric and Electronic Computer Engineering Department
Computer information technology major

The graduate course of the computer and information technology major aims to nurture competent professionals by improving their theoretical knowledge and application capabilities in their major fields, building their research and development capabilities and establishing the right attitudes and values. The specific educational objectives are improving the basic knowledge and application ability, building research•development•teaching ability, and establishing right attitudes and values.

For students to achieve the goals above, the master's program leads students not to overemphasize any special fields and instead has them review basic concepts by allowing them to teach undergraduate students and helps them develop their qualifications as both a researcher and an educator. Additionally, this program leads students to acquire the latest trends and knowledge of various fields through seminars and discussions with invited lecturers, and conduct high quality research by supervising students' dissertations in detail. This program also offers students opportunities to learn problem solving and research techniques by actively being involved in their advisor professors' research as assistants, as well as to build organizing abilities for the output of their research and presentation ability by allowing them to present the research results at departmental seminars and academic conferences. Our department faculty members instruct students to recognize the importance of the responsibilities imposed on them and to have a sincere attitude toward their lives all the time.

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