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Materials Science & Engineering

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The materials science and engineering major helps students to understand the relationship among the materials, properties, structures, functions, processes of any materials, and on the basis of those, it studies the new properties of materials, process and processing technology development. Besides meeting the demands of the times, this major is building education and research systems concerning green energy. Thu it is an environmentally friendly field. Our department is nurturing outstanding individuals that are required in the industrial field, under our vision of “practice oriented education- the department with the highest employment rate through research". Part of this vision is operational, through some research programs such as a industry-university cooperative human resources nurturing project.


Students can obtain a scholarship as a teaching assistant; besides this, research scholarships according to laboratory conditions can be given as well. Currently, our department is offering the nation's highest level of scholarships, providing the perfect environment for research.

◈Employment Opportunities

Our department provides excellent support for employment such as aptitude tests, lectures, camps, and guidance. Accordingly, more and more graduates are employed every year by future growth businesses as well as large businesses such as Hyundai, Samsung, and SK, and in the past 3 years, the average employment rate has risen above 80%. Fifteen to twenty percent of graduates continue to study in graduate school and enter the government funded laboratory or the private industry laboratory as a highly qualified R&D researcher.
Educational objectives
첨단소재공학부의 교육목표는 아래와 같은 세부 목표 달성을 통하여 뛰어난 산업체 적응능력과 신기술에 대한 흡수력, 소재분야의 국제적 경쟁력을 갖춘 소재분야 전문 기술 인력을 양성하는 것이다.

1. 다양한 소재 분야의 전공 지식 배양
금속재료, 신소재, 전자재료의 물성과 구조, 공정, 기능간의 관계를 명확히 이해하는 능력
기존의 소재 생산, 가공기술은 물론 신소재 및 신공정, 신가공 기술을 구사하고 개발하는 능력

2. 자동차 부품소재 전문 인력 양성
울산지역 주요 전략산업인 자동차산업 부품소재의 생산, 가공 및 설계에 대한 전문 지식을 갖춘 인력 양성

3.소재분야 산업체에 대한 적응능력 배양
소재산업의 현장 실무를 이해하고 쉽게 적응할 수 있도록 실험실습교육, 현장실습, 세미나, 창의적 설계교육 등을 시행

4. 전문기술인으로서의 기본 소양 배양
리더십, 경영 마인드, 봉사정신, 공학윤리, 의사전달, 발표 능력 등의 소양을 갖춘 전문기술인 양성

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