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Department of Physics

Our department consists of 12 full time professors, 3 administrative or lab workers, and approximately 30 graduate students and 200 undergraduate students. Of all private university physics departments located in the provinces, our department is the most actively involved in research and specializes in new renewable energy and emerging materials. The department's strength lies in the excellence of research. Our department established the Energy Harvest and Storage Research Center in 2009 with the cooperation of the chemistry department. It was designated as a core research center by the Ministry of Education, and was given a 4.5 billion won grant over 9 years for research. Apart from this research capability, the department was recognized for its distinction in education, and thus the department has been funded by the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology after chosen as one of “UOU TOP 5” departments since 2010.

With the low ratio of professors to students, our department can conduct effective lectures and student instruction, as well as better encourage students to be involved in cutting edge research early in the well-equipped laboratory facilities. In particular, from their third year, students are allowed to choose one professor's laboratory in which to do research and assignments under his tutelage in a specific research subject. They can find their own research areas and occupational aptitudes. The experience of accomplishing an assignment in the laboratory during their university life encourages the students to be confident enough to do well in industrial fields or graduate courses as a socialized talent through cooperation with laboratory colleagues. In freshman and sophomore courses as well, professors instruct them closely, playing a mentor role for small groups of students through freshmen seminars or assignment seminars.

Our department’s curriculum is well balanced between basic courses that make students think creatively and other courses that can build real problem solving capability, and particularly includes vocational training courses that specialize in new renewable energy and emerging materials fields. The one that always breaks through the limitations to growth is knowledge of basic science, and it is the same in industrial fields when facing the most fundamental problems. It is commonly asked whether physics is needed in a provincial university. However, in Korea expecting to be an advanced country soon and in Ulsan, the capital city of industry, the demand for human resources who can apply physics is increasing gradually. The physics department of UOU focuses on applied physics, a blue ocean field that differentiates from other leading physics departments in Korea.

The graduates of our graduate course are fully employed; therefore, undergraduate students are encouraged to continue to study in the graduate course for higher opportunity of employment. Graduate students are supported in large part of tuition and given scholarship as research assistants or educational assistants every month. Even though they don't study in the graduate course, graduates can be employed in applied physics fields such as new renewable energy, emerging materials, and so on having completed basic courses and specialized vocational training courses. Actually, students who complete physics courses decently will have wider opportunity to be employed and recently have been asked to work from many different businesses.

Our graduate program is widely open for foreign students as well and 10 or so foreign students study in the graduate school. They are exempt from tuition and committed to studying and research with most of the living expenses supported working as research assistants. Most of them produce excellent theses in both quantity and quality, and after acquiring their degrees, they are employed in educational or research fields in their own countries or other countries.

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