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Department of Mathematics

1. Academic Objectives of Undergraduate programs

Our programs help students understand basic mathematical ideas through basic courses offered in the mathematics major, and provide basic mathematical reasoning based on this. Also, we lead our students to an interest in applied mathematics, and help them contribute to the development of computer related fields, physics, economics, and engineering.

2. The scholarship program for undergraduate students: a variety of university scholarships and departmentally funded scholarships (Aug, 2012 now 70 million won)

3. The specialty of the undergraduate program

(1) Small group discussion classes (Assignment seminar, Problem solving)
(2) Insurance and financial classes (Intensive program during vacations)
(3) The Computer Room with 60 computers, a number of discussion rooms, reading rooms of 55 seats
(4) Interaction with professors: Teacher's day, Field day, Department membership training and so on

4. The academic Objectives of the graduate program:

The program aims to nurture competent mathematical experts equipped with systematical roots in mathematics theory, applied ability, and mathematical creativity based on mathematical reasoning and basic knowledge.

5. The scholarship program for graduate school students
Professors offer scholarships from their own research funds (contact individual professor)

6. The specialty of the graduate program
(1) Convergence mathematical science institute
(2) International conferences, a variety of colloquiums and seminars, students led seminars
(3) Incentives offered when a thesis is published in an international journal.
(4) The world renowned mathematician Kim, Min-hyung, professor at the University of Oxford was invited as a fellow professor.

7. Internationalization
(1) A foreign professor (K. Hoang, Topology, Ph. D. at Princeton University) has joined.
(2) A Vietnamese graduate student, K. Ho has enrolled in the Ph.D. course.

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