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Department of Law

The Science of law is as realistic and practical study. So much so, it is sometimes called 'bread scholarship'(Brotwissenschaft) in German. Today's state and society is in highly advanced post capitalism, and a large number of legal disputes take place. Jurisprudence is, in fact, realistic and practical since it suggests some solutions to these legal disputes to the state and society. Our department focuses on understanding the theories and solutions to these legal problems and furthermore nurturing legal experts with basic qualifications

Freshmen study basic courses of social sciences and sophomores start to study topics within the major. The major includes constitutional law, civil law, criminal law, commercial law, administrative law, international law, and social and economic law, and additionally legal theory and philosophy of law as basic courses of law.

Since the Law School system was newly introduced in Korea for nurturing legal experts recently, the legal education in the undergraduate course has been changed from nurturing jurists to the foundation course for nurturing them or nurturing experts related to legal matters. In other words, undergraduate courses in the Department of Law function as a preliminary step toward entering law school or help students work as experts related to law besides jurists. The department of law at UOU is a relatively young and small one which was established in 1989 and has an entrance quota of 60 students. However, for such a short time, our department produced graduates who passed the judicial examination, and became judicial scriveners, certified labor attorneys and other para-legal personnel. Moreover, some of the graduates work in the public service where law majors can enter such as general administrative officers and educational officers as well as administrative officers in the court, police officers, and prison officers. Others are employed in financial institutions such as banks, securities companies, and so on, and other businesses on the basis of their study of law.

Our department aims to nurture law majors who can work as general administrative officers, court administrative officers, the prosecution administrative officers, police officers, prison officers, plus, workers for financial and industrial fields as well as judicial scriveners, labor attorneys, and others that law majors can do. At the same time, our department will nurture and produce law school candidates. The 3-year course of law school is extremely hard. However, the students who studied law in the undergraduate course would acquire higher level of jurisprudence more easily than other major students, for which our department tries to offer programs.

Graduate School of Law

The graduate programs offer master's course, doctorate course and the combined course of master's and doctorate. 8 subdivided majors; constitutional law, civil law, criminal law, commercial law, administrative law, international law, social and economic law and basic law are offered. Each major is not only for legal experts but also for common citizens and business people who want to be experts in their fields by acquiring more profound theories and knowledge concerning law. Accordingly, all the graduate courses are offered in the evening.
Since the graduate course of law opened in 1995, a number of lawyers, accountants, and tax accountants, plus, teachers, public officers, and businessmen have been granted master’s and doctorate degrees and are working at each field.

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