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Business Administration Major
“Global Business Leader in the 21 Century”

The department of Business Administration was established in 1979. Its educational goal is to develop students who have the ability and mind to contribute to this industrialized age and our country. More specifically our aim is to produce professional managers academically and practically knowledgeable about managing a company. To this end, the department provides curriculum that covers personnel, organization, production, finance, marketing, accounting, management information, international management, and management based on quantitative data.

Additionally the curriculum emphasizes traits and abilities necessary to cultivate initiative-taking managers. Entrepreneurship is included as it is mandatory for the development of firms and society. Leadership is also taught to breed challenging and innovative minds as well as to develop the ability to have vision for the future and lead an organization. Creative problem solving capacity is also stressed to develop the ability to make right decisions. Foreign language proficiency and computer use competence are included.

Graduates have advanced into manufacturers, government investment firms, multinational companies, conglomerates, and small and medium firms.

Global Business Administration Major
“To the World with Frontier Mind”

The recent world economy has undergone integration into a single market as the boundaries of countries have become faded. In line with this trend, the College of Business newly founded a department of Global Business Administration Studies in March 2004.

The goal of this major is to produce future managers with professional skills and internationally oriented insights which are in high demand in globalized firms. As such, the curriculum emphasizes developing foreign language proficiency. In particular, English competence is greatly stressed as classes are run in English language and overseas academic exchange programs are implemented.

In order to foster this globally oriented curriculum, the department offers support in two major ways. Several scholarship programs aid students who want to study aboard in sister colleges. In addition, a double degree program can accredit students who want to study more at a sister college after attending one semester.

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