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The department of philosophy welcomed the first freshmen in March of 1989 with two professors, Cho Kyu-cheol and Kim Jin. Since 1990, five professors, Kim Bo-hyun, Son Young-sik, Kwon Young-hyuk, Park Tae-won, Lee Sang-yup have joined our department. Our department introduces a variety of philosophical ideas from all eras and countries to students who have diverse interests and enables them to reason creatively and to pursue an enterprising life via analytical reasoning and a synthetic view of the world. The department has six professors who handle students' personal problems and leads them through their academic life with enthusiasm. They are Kim Jin, Kim Bo-hyun, Kwon Yong-hyuk and Lee Sang-yup who specialize in western philosophy, and Son Young-sik and Park Tae-won in oriental philosophy.
Educational objectives

1. Certified Argumentation Instructor

This certificate is available in two types. One is accredited by the University of Ulsan and the other is accredited by the Education Argumentation Institute. Either one will be of a great aid. With the change of the judicial system, the bar exam was abolished and replaced by law school. Logic and argumentation are mandatory exams in law school. Majoring in philosophy will surely be valuable preparation.

2. Philosophy Teacher's License

The courses for a philosophy teacher are offered at the undergraduate level. If students take on a double major, they can get a teacher's license from their major as well.
Students can study in the field they want with the double major course. When they combine philosophical reasoning and knowledge from other majors, they can accomplish something remarkable.

3. Newspaper Intern Reporter Program

Working as an intern reporter in Ulsan newspapers such as the Kyungsang Ilbo and the Ulsan Maeil, they can be involved in writing articles and reporting. It can be a preliminary step towards becoming a reporter in the future. In fact some graduates work as reporters after completing this program.

By studying philosophy students can develop the most basic capabilities needed in our social life.

Our mission is “developing the ability to think deeply, precisely, and broadly and developing a smooth interpersonal skills” and “obtaining a decent level of fluency in any foreign language that businesses require”. Count on us and you do not need to worry about the future after graduation.

So far, some of our graduates continue to study in diverse graduate programs(education, general, theology etc.) or study abroad, and others work in a variety of fields in such professions as teachers(ethics teacher), government workers(in the fields of education, general administration, prosecution, police, firefighting), businessmen(large, small and medium), researchers, financers(bank, insurance), broadcasters(reporter, writer, show-host and so on), flight attendants, private institute owners or teachers, business owners, professional soldiers(ROTC), politicians, distributers, and cultural businessmen. In addition, full time homemakers from our major control their homes perfectly well with the philosophical thinking and speaking ability developed and polished in our major.

We can state confidently that it is high time that philosophy majors are highly valued in this knowledge and information based society. Students of this major should be philosophers of high motivation, confidence and pride. A bright future will be waiting for you.

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