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English Language & Literature

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In 1980 the department of English Language and Literature was established and in 1999 it developed to become the School of English with two majors: English Language and Literature, and Area Study. In 2006, under the reform policy of schools and departments, it was reborn as the department of English Language and Literature. Accordingly, the curriculum was reformed to focus on a single major by abolishing the English Area Study major.

In the first and second years, emphasis lies on developing the four skills – listening, speaking, reading and writing - of English. In the third and fourth years, the focus is on developing practical and professional persons of high command of English, humanity, logic, creativeness through extensive and in-depth studies in English language and literature.

Our department has two designated lecture rooms equipped with multimedia. Two professors are English native speakers leading quality English education programs. Apart from regular courses students can take a wide range of special lectures conducted by both foreign and Korean professors. To encourage students and to improve their satisfaction with us we offer a variety of financial aid. The Department is implementing the government funded ‘ACE Project’ as the University was appointed a ‘good teaching university’. The ‘Global Challenger’ subsidy is a notable example. Other subsidies are granted to exchange students, those who obtain certificates and to club members.

Also a variety of study abroad programs are offered. An outstanding one is one semester in a Canadian university which is offered for the second semester of the sophomore year. By studying at this university students can have a real opportunity to improve their English skills. For those who want to stay for another semester we will support partial tuition fees.

If students take advantage of the intern program coordinated with public schools of Nova Scotia, they can work as a teacher’s assistant in primary or secondary schools. For a maximum of six months they can stay in Canada while improving their English skills.

The Overseas Exchanging Students Program hosted by the International Affairs and Education Office at the University offers a chance to broaden and deepen major related knowledge. Students can take any courses pertinent to the English major for one year. Overall, students can study and earn credits in an English speaking country for two and half years maximum

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