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Japanese Language and Area Studies

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The Department of Japanese language and area studies was established in 1981 and currently has a history of over 30 years. Since the beginning, the department has been developed with a constant endeavoring and continues to grow to be the best department in the nation.

Even though situated at a very far distance from Seoul, the department has accomplished remarkable results in all sorts of competitions related to the Japanese language. Among many of them, the most notable ones are winning the 1st National Japanese Academic Competition held by the Japanese Embassy, and being successively ranked high on the annual Japanese Speech Competition held by the Japanese consulate general in Busan. Also a number of students have been selected by the Japanese Education Ministry and studied in Japan for 1 year and won the first and second prizes in the Japanese Drama Competition hosted by the Japanese consulate general.

In addition, a significant number of students earn the 1st-level JLP(Japanese Language Proficiency) certificate every year and a special class for the test has been provided to juniors and seniors since 2005 for the all students to get certificates. Furthermore, to keep up with the high success rate on the examination for a teacher's certification, an examination preparation group is being actively managed. In the case of international exchanges, students are constantly sent to universities in Japan; currently two groups of seniors are being sent to six universities in Japan in each semester.
Educational objectives
In the phases of the department's development, the most important thing is highly developed academic achievement. The second would be high employment placement percentage based on academic achievements. Particularly, our employment placement percentage is an undeniable realistic factor. For this aspect, the department has implemented an entirely reformed curriculum after long and volumous discussions. The essential part of the curriculum highlights the strengthening of four language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. As for subjects, they are composed to be of more enterprising and active academic accomplishment through all sorts of interpretation and translation activities, JLP test preparation, listening and reading practice, varied area studies, etc. For other fields of study that cannot be dealt with within the curriculum, the department is offering seminars of many different kinds. This makes possible faculty members and students who do more intensive studies and debates based on many different subjects.

Aside from the academic aspects, the entire faculty is constantly making every effort for all graduates to be employed. With active character education that could often be neglected in college education, the faculty does their best for students to the have humane warmth of sacrifice and consideration based on truth and righteousness.

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