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Chinese Language and Area Studies

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Chinese Language and Area Studies

Course of learning the Chinese language step by step and practicing conversation
Genre Based Chinese literature course are offered.

Our department was established in 1985 and has produced professionals related to China or Chinese language and literature since then. The faculty consists of four Korean professors who are experts in each field and one Chinese exchange professor. The number of students registered in this department is around 200.

We offer a wide variety of courses to help students improve their capabilities. The step by step Chinese language and conversation practice course as well as the Chinese literature course in different genres are offered. Besides regular classes or lectures, some special programs offered are: a face to face conversation class led by the Chinese professor, students' study groups, department week event, and special lectures of invited professionals. We also keep the national room called junggukkwhan(Chinese room) for students.

In 1994, with the full support of the University, for the first time in Korea, all junior year students studied and acquired credits during the spring semester in at Nanjing University, one of the most prestigious universities in China. The program has been implemented so far. Our department was paired with Sandong Normal University in China in 1996 and has increased the exchange through exchange programs of both students and professors in addition to studying in at the local university. Since 2001 academic year, sophomore-level students of the sophomore year have had the opportunity to study at the local university during the fall semester to get familiar with the culture earlier.

And studentsStudents are also able to make a wider choice of studying through the exchange programs coordinated with Soochow University in 1999 and Tianjin Normal University in 2002. In addition, under these student exchange programs, two students with good grades and attitude after completing their courses in at the exchange university are chosen and allowed to continue studying in at the same university for an extra semester with the tuition and dormitory fee exempted. Since 1999, courses in teacher education have been offered to 10% of selected students each year.

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