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French Language and Area Studies

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“Welcome to the Department of French Language and Area Studies”

Our department was established in 1983, and since then students, faculty members, graduates and parents have made combined efforts to make our department better than any other with good traditions and specialized education.

The French Language is descended from Vulgar Latin, the vernacular Latin of the Roman Empire. When the Romans conquered ancient Gaul in the 2d and 1st cent. B.C., its inhabitants spoke Gaulish, a Celtic language, which was rapidly supplanted by the Latin of the Roman overlords.

In the 17th century, during the Ancien Régime, France represented culture and civilization throughout the Europe and Paris became recognized as a capital city. French is commonly called an elegant, intelligent, and accurate language. But until the language was recognized as such, a number of French citizens as well as French scholars have made enormous efforts consciously and aggressively. The position as an international language in such sectors as politics, economy, diplomacy, society, culture and arts continued until the end of World War I. As a result, the United Nations was founded in Geneva in Switzerland, the French speaking country. Since the beginning of the 20th century, the French government, Alliance Française and others have been trying to preserve the purity and spread the language. In addition, the language is still spoken in 28 countries, which is the biggest scale as an international language. French is also an internationally essential language used in the United Nations, the International Court and Olympic Games. In addition, French literature has great influence on world literature.

Keeping pace with globalization, our department has offered studying in France for six months or 1 year every year since 1995, and was the first such program to be offered in Korea. In addition, English programs to meet the requirements of globalization have been developed and conducted.

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