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Architectural Engineering

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U-SOA offers two primary professional degree programs: a 5-year Bachelor of Architecture and a 4-year Bachelor of Engineering in Architectural Engineering. Providing a solid foundation in architectural theory, history, methods and materials, both programs provide training in professional practice and guide students to develop their lifelong relationship to the professional field of architecture.
The Architecture program stresses fundamentals of design, architectural graphics, architectural history, construction, structures and environmental control systems, while the program in Architectural Engineering emphasizes training in structural engineering and design of mechanical, electrical and plumbing building systems.
Educational objectives
The primary goal of U-SOA is to encourage intellectual inquiry as the basis for design exploration, and to produce creative professionals with the ability to practice effectively in the field of architecture.
At U-SOA, studio teaching serves as the primary means of integrating all design issues-cultural, social and behavioral, environmental, contextual, technological, theoretical, economic, political, and professional, resulting in meaningful design achievements. Critiques serve as the evaluation method for studio design projects, allowing students to develop presentation skills as well as participate in peer reviews.
U-SOA strives to be an internationally recognized education and research institute by creatively blending innovative design research and a well-established, contemporary curriculum. U-SOA is dedicated to providing a world-class education that challenges and inspires students to attain leadership positions in the professions of architecture and architectural engineering.

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