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Programme(Major) Duration Estimated Semester Tuition
International Business BBA 4 years USD 2,800
  • *All courses of International Bachelor Program are offered fully in English.


Section Details
Nationality Requirement
  • Should meet one of the below conditions;
  • a) You and both your parents must hold foreign citizenship.
    • * Not eligible if you or any of your parents hold Korean dual-citizenship.
    • * Taiwanese applicants are eligible even if one of the parents holds Korean citizenship.
  • b) You must hold a foreign citizenship (not Korean dual-citizenship) and must have completed or expect to complete all your primary and secondary education (equivalent to Year 12 qualification in Korea) fully outside of Korea
Academic Requirement
  • High school diploma or equivalent qualification (Year 12 qualification in Korea) Contact UOU Admission Officer to check if your qualifications are recognised.
  • *If you have not yet graduated from a high school or college, you are required to submit an expected graduation certificate instead and then submit the graduation certificate with Governmental Verification before 1-Oct-18. Otherwise, your admission and visa will be canceled.
  • *If you are currently enroled at another university in Korea, you need to drop out of the school before the enrolment to UOU. Otherwise, the admission will be canceled.
Language Requirement
  • Should meet one of the below conditions;
    • a) TOEFL iBT 71+
    • b) IELTS 5.5+
    • c) Citizens of countries where the first language or common language is English
      (According to the announcement of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Korea.Contact UOU Admission Officer to check the details)
  • * Language certificates issued within 2 years from the application deadline accepted.


Application Period 5-Mar-18 ~ 31-May-18
(Language Certificate: until 29-Jun-18)
Admission Result Announcement 29-Jun-18
Offer Acceptance Deadline 20-Jul-18
Orientation Dates 30-Aug-18 ~ 31-Aug-18
Semester Dates 3-Sep-18 ~ 21-Dec-18 (Autumn 2018 - 16 weeks)
4-Mar-19 ~ 21-Jun-19 (Spring 2019 – 16 weeks)


  • Choose your programme(major)
  • Choose a degree programme(major) you wish to take.
  • Check your entry requirements
  • You need to satisfy your chosen degree’s entry requirements in all sections.
  • Pay your application fee
  • Pay your application fee of USD 50 (Overseas remittance) or KRW 50,000 (Domestic remittance). * Credit card or Paypal not available.
  • Submit your application package via email
  • Submit your application package to UOU Admission Officer on ''
  • (Application Package)
    • a) Application From (Refer to the attached file)
    • b) Personal Statement (Refer to the attached file)
    • c) Agreement of Collecting and Using Personal Information (Refer to the attached file)
    • d) High School (or equivalent course) Graduation Certificate
    • e) College (or equivalent course) Enrolment Certificate or Graduation Certificate
      (only for Year 2~3 entry applicants)
    • f) High School (or equivalent course) Academic Transcript
    • g) College (or equivalent course) Academic Transcript (only for Year 2~3 entry applicants)
    • h) Korean Language Certificate (Can submit later. Refer to ‘Entry Requirements’ for details)
    • i) Application Fee Receipt
    • j) Passport Copy
    • k) Alien Card Copy (only for current Korean visa holders)
    • l) Colour Photo
    • * Documents not in Korean or English should be submitted with translation.
  • We will assess your application
  • We will mainly assess your academic achievement and personal statement. Those with good English proficiency will be given additional points. An interview (skype/phone or in-person) may be required additionally.
  • We will announce the admission result and send you an offer letter
  • We will notify you of the outcome of your application via email. If your application is successful, you will receive a complete admission offer if everything is fine or a conditional admission offer if more steps are required.
    * All the important notices during the admission process will be sent via email. (Please make as a reliable source as e-mails are sent from this account)
  • Accept your offer
  • If you receive a complete admission offer, you can accept it by paying the tuition and fees and submitting the following documents by post. (No electronic copies accepted)
    • a) Signed Acceptance Letter (Enclosed in the Admission Offer)
    • b) Photocopy of High School Graduation Certificate with Governmental Verification(*1)
    • c) Photocopy of College Enrolment or Graduation Certificate with Governmental Verification(*1) (If applicable)
    • d) Photocopy of High School Academic Transcript with Notarisation
    • e) Photocopy of College Academic Transcript with Notarisation (If applicable)
    • f) Tuition and Fees Payment Advice (Receipt)
    • g) Applicant’s or parents’ bank statement of USD 18,000 with Notarisation
    • h) Family Relationship Certificate or Birth Certificate with Notarisation
    • i) Photocopy of Household Register and National ID (only for Chinese applicants)
    • * Refer to the below ‘Important Notices on Documents Submission’ for details.
  • We will process your visa application
  • Once your offer acceptance process is finished as above, we will issue a Certificate of Admission (CoA) and other required documents for a visa application and send them to you via express courier service such as DHL or EMS. You are advised to visit Korean Embassy or Consulate General to apply for a student (D-2) visa. (Check the required documents for a visa application with Korean Embassy or Consulate General in advance as they may vary depending on the country and region) Visa issuance belongs in the jurisdiction of Korean Embassy or Consulate General, thus an admission offer does not guarantee a visa issuance. If your visa is rejected, the admission will be canceled accordingly. * If you currently hold a valid Korean visa, you would need to change your visa to a student (D-2) visa at Ulsan Immigration Office. Also, an admission offer does not guarantee the visa status change, thus the admission will be canceled if your visa status change request is rejected by Ulsan Immigration Office.
  • (*1) Governmental Verification should be done through one of the following ways.
    • a. Apostille Verification
    • b. Korean Consul Verification of the country at which the school is located
    • c. Consul Verification from Embassy of the country at which the school is located in Korea
    • * Degree certificate or academic transcript issued by Korean universities does not need any verification and notarisation process.
    • * Applicants graduated from Chinese high school may submit notarised graduation certificate along with the official report of one of the followings issued by CDGDC(China Academic Degrees & Graduate Education Development Center;
    • ; 1) National University Entrance Exam(高考) Transcript, 2) National High School Graduation Exam(會考) Completion Certificate or Transcript, 3) Graduation certificate of Vocational High School
    • * Applicants graduated from Chinese 2(3)-year college may submit notarised graduation certificate along with official report of College Transcript issued by CHSI(Chinese Higher education Student Information;
    • * Applicants who are students of Chinese 4-year college may submit official report of Enrolment Certificate issued by CDGDC(China Academic Degrees & Graduate Education Development Center;


  • a) Incomplete or incorrect documents may lead to application rejection or failure in the admission process and also if those errors are found after the admission, the admission and the visa will be canceled.
  • b) All the submitted documents are not returnable to the applicants.
  • c) All the submitted documents need to be original except for the graduation certificate and academic transcript which need to be photocopies with official governmental verification and notarisation.
  • d) Documents not in Korean or English need to be submitted with translation.
  • e) Documents with governmental verification and notarisation are only valid when issued within one year from the offer acceptance deadline.
  • f) Financial status certificate is only valid when issued within one month from the offer acceptance deadline.
  • g) Any issues not listed on the admission guide are processed based on UOU’s admission policy and academic affairs regulation, and if you have any queries on this, please contact UOU admission officer.
  • * The admission guide is announced on both Korean and English versions, and in case there are any disputes for the meaning between the versions, Korean version is prioritised.

6. TUITION AND FEES (Estimated Cost for 6 months)

Entrance Fee
USD 680 (only upon entrance)
International Student Registration (ISR) Fee
USD 100 (only upon entrance)
Tuition Fee
Refer to the above program table.
International Student Health Cover (ISHC) Fee
USD 80
Student House (SH) Fee(Optional)
Twin Room
USD 1,000
Quad Room (only for male)
USD 700
Student House Meal Plan (SHMP) Fee (Optional)
7 day plan (3 meals a day)
USD 1,100
5 day plan (3 meals a day)
USD 750
Self-catered Kitchen
USD 150
  • * ISHC is compulsory for all new students except for those holding Korea National Health Insurance.
  • *All new comers are guaranteed for on-campus student house for the first semester. From the second semester, however, the student house placement is very competitive and thus is processed based on the student’s previous semester GPA.


Category Criteria Code Amount

TOEFL iBT 110+ or IELTS 7.5+


70% of Tuition Fee

TOEFL iBT 100+ or IELTS 7.0+


50% of Tuition Fee

TOEFL iBT 90+ or IELTS 6.5+


30% of Tuition Fee

TOEFL iBT 80+ or IELTS 6.0+


20% of Tuition Fee

After Entrance

1stranked student by previous semester GPA


50% of Tuition Fee

2nd~4thranked students by previous semester GPA


30% of Tuition Fee

5th~10thranked students by previous semester GPA


20% of Tuition Fee

  • * The university reserves the right to alter, modify or change the above conditions of the scholarship from year to year at any time according to the university’s annual circumstances.
  • * Scholarship upon entrance is confirmed based on the language score submitted within the deadline.
  • * Scholarship is granted during the regular study period; 8 semesters for Year 1 Entry, 6 semesters for Year 2 Entry, 4 semesters for Year 3 Entry and 2 semesters for Year 4 Entry students.


Bank Name
    Kyongnam Bank (KNB)
Account No.
    207-0006-4730-06 (Holder: University of Ulsan)
Bank Address
    1st Floor, Student Union Building, 93 Daehak-ro, Nam-gu, Ulsan 44610, South Korea
  • * Put your name in English on sender’s information when transfer the fee.
  • * All the banking charges are to be paid by the applicants.

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