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1. Admission Process

Admission Process
Process Details
Application Submission Fill out an application form at the ‘Study In Korea’ webpage.
(http://www.studyinkorea.go.kr > Sign-up > Overseas Study Application > Bachelor > Transfer)
[Documents to be uploaded to the system]
  • a) College Transcript
  • b) Language Certificate
  • c) Passport
  • d) Alien Registration Card (Only for current Korean visa(D/F/E) holders)
  • e) Colour Photo
  • f) Application Fee Receipt
  • * Application Deadline: 30 November (Korean visa(D/F/E) holders: 31 December)
Admission Result Release
  • Conditional or Complete Admission Offer shall be sent to the accepted applicants by email. (Email address registered on the application form)
  • * Admission decision is made based on applicant’s academic grade and purpose statement.
  • * Depending on the applicant, an interview(Skype or on-site) may be required.
  • * Those with Conditional Offer need to submit outstanding materials as stated on the offer.
Admission Offer Acceptance & Enrolment You need to submit following documents by post. (NO scanned copies accepted)
  • a) Signed Admission Offer Acceptance Letter (Enclosed in the Offer)
  • b) Certified(Apostille or Consular verification) copy of (expected) Graduation Certificate (Enrolment Certificate for applicants in Bachelor course)
  • c) Certified(Apostille, Notarisation or Consular verification) copy of Academic Transcript
  • d) A copy of Tuition & Fees receipt
  • e) A Financial Certification
    • ; Bank statement over USD 10,000 or scholarship/sponsorship certificate
  • f) Copies of passport (or national ID) of the parents
  • g) Additional documents for Chinese applicants
    • - A copy of Household Register with Korean translation
    • - A copy of national ID
  • * Offer Acceptance Deadline: 31 December (Korean visa(D/F/E) holders: 10 February)
Visa Application
  • Your visa application documents will be pre-screened by Ulsan Immigration Office in Korea. After the visa document screening, if your visa application is granted, UOU will send you a VIN(Visa Issuance Number) by an email and you need to apply for a student(D-2) visa at the Korean Diplomatic Mission in your country with the VIN. If VIN issuance is rejected by Immigration Office, your admission will be canceled.
  • If you currently hold a valid Korean visa(D/F/E), you may need to change your visa status to a student visa through Ulsan Immigration Office.

* All new comers are guaranteed for on-campus Student House for the first semester.

2. Eligibility

Category Details
Nationality Requirement
  • a) Anyone with foreign citizenship whose parents also have foreign citizenship or
    • (*Applicants(including parents) with dual-citizenship of Korea are not eligible)
    • (*Taiwanese applicants are eligible even if one of the parents holds Korean citizenship)
  • b) Anyone with foreign citizenship who completed primary and secondary education and previous degree course fully outside of Korea
Academic Requirement
  • [Year 2 Transfer]
    Anyone who completed or expects to complete at least one forth of the required credits for a bachelor(honour) degree or those with equivalent qualification
  • [Year 3 Transfer]
    Anyone who received or expects to receive a bachelor(honour) degree, who received or expects to receive an associate degree, who completed or expects to complete at least half of the required credits for a bachelor(honour) degree or those with equivalent qualification
  • * Those currently enroled at universities in Korea needs to drop out of the school before the enrolment to UOU (Otherwise, the admission is to be revoked)
Language Requirement
  • a) Those with TOPIK(Test of Proficiency in Korean) Level 3+ or
  • b) Those who completed Intensive Korean Level 4+ at UOU Korean Language Education Centre
  • * 50th TOPIK (January 2017) result accepted.
    (Submit the ‘50th TOPIK registration slip’ during the application process)
  • * UOU Intensive Korean Course result for Winter 2016 session accepted
    (Submit Level 4 Enrolment Certificate for Winter 2016 session during the application process)
  • * TOPIK certificate only issued within 2 years from the application deadline accepted.
  • * Students must pass TOPIK Level 4 to graduate.

* Those who submitted Certificate of Expected Graduation need to submit the Graduation or Degree Certificate before beginning of the semester. Otherwise, the admission and visa are to be canceled.

3. Available Programmes

Freshmen Admission
College Admission Unit (Major)
Humanities Korean Language and Literature
Korean Language for Foreigner
English Language and Literature
Japanese Language and Area Studies
Chinese Language and Area Studies
French Language and Area Studies
Spanish Language and Latin-american Studies
History and Culture
Social Sciences Economics
Public Administration
International Relation
Social Welfare
Police Science
Business Administration Business Administration
Global Management
Management Information System
Natural Sciences Mathematics
Biological Science
Sports Science
Exercise and Health Management
Human Ecology Child and Family Welfare
Housing and Interior Design
Food and Nutrition
Clothing and Textile
Engineering Mechanical and Automotive Engineering
Aerospace Engineering
Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering
Industrial Management Engineering
Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Medical Engineering
IT Convergence
Chemical Engineering
Materials Science and Engineering
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Design & Architecture Architecture
Architectural Engineering
Interior and Spatial Design
Visual Communication Design
Product and Environment Design
Digital Contents Design
Arts Voice
Western Painting
Oriental Painting
Textile and Fashion Design
Medicine Nursing

* Applicants could apply any majors regardless of their previous major.
* Architecture major is a 5-year course.

4. Tuition & Fees

1) Tuition Fee & International Student Service(ISS) Fee (per semester)
Tuition & Fees
Major Amount(KRW)
Tuition Fee ISS Fee
(* Currently waived for all students)
Humanities (All Courses) 2,878,000 - 2,878,000
(Approx. USD 2,800)
Social Sciences (All Courses)
Business (All Courses)
Mathematics 3,452,000 - 3,452,000
(Approx. USD 3,400)
Human Ecology (All Courses)
Physices(Year 1) 3,597,000 - 3,597,000
(Approx. USD 3,500)
Chemistry(Year 1)
Biological Science(Year 1)
Sports Science(Year 1)
Nursing(Year 1)
Physics(Year 2~4) 4,029,000 - 4,029,000
(Approx. USD 4,000)
Chemistry(Year 2~4)
Biological Science(Year 2~4)
Sports Science(Year 2~4)
Engineering (All Courses)
Design (All Courses)
Nursing(Year 2~4)
Architecture(Year 1) 4,317,000 - 4,317,000
(Approx. USD 4,300)
Architectural Engineering
Fine Arts (All Courses)
Architecture(Year 2~5) 4,605,000 - 4,605,000
(Approx. USD 4,600)
Music (All Courses) 4,893,000 - 4,893,000
(Approx. USD 4,800)

* Entrance fee of KRW 687,000 (Approx. USD 600) applies to all applicants upon entrance.
* Above amount is an estimate and subject to change. (Tuition and fees to be paid each semester)

2) UOU International Student Health Cover(UISHC) Fee (per semester)
  • - KRW 90,000 (Approx. USD 90)
  • *Compulsory for all students except for those holding Korea National Health Insurance.
3) UOU Student House(USH) Fee (per semester)
  • - Double occupancy room: KRW 670,000 (Approx. USD 670)
  • - Quad occupancy room: KRW 450,000 (Approx. USD 450)
  • * Meal Plan Fee (3 meals a day): KRW 750,000 (Approx. USD 750)
  • * Self-catered Kitchen Fee: KRW 100,000 (Approx. USD 100)

5. Scholarship

Category Criteria Code Amount
Upon Entrance TOPIK 5+ KF-1 70% of Tuition off
TOPIK 4+ KF-2 50% of Tuition off
TOPIK 3+ KF-3 30% of Tuition off
After Entrance Majors only for Foreign Students
(i.e. Korean Language)
TOPIK 4+ & Previous Semester GPA 4.25~4.50 KF-S 100% of Tuition off
TOPIK 4+ & Previous Semester GPA 4.00~4.24 KF-1 70% of Tuition off
TOPIK 4+ & Previous Semester GPA 3.75~3.99 KF-2 50% of Tuition off
TOPIK 4+ & Previous Semester GPA 3.50~3.74 KF-3 30% of Tuition off
Other Majors TOPIK 4+ & Previous Semester GPA 4.25~4.50 KF-S 100% of Tuition off
TOPIK 4+ & Previous Semester GPA 4.00~4.24 KF-1 70% of Tuition off
TOPIK 4+ & Previous Semester GPA 3.50~3.99 KF-2 50% of Tuition off
TOPIK 4+ & Previous Semester GPA 3.00~3.49 KF-3 30% of Tuition off

* Scholarship upon entrance is confirmed based on the TOPIK result submitted before the application deadline.
 (50th TOPIK result does not apply)
* Scholarship is granted during the regular study period; 8 semesters.
* Entrance fee of KRW 687,000 (Approx. USD 600) applies to all applicants.

6. Application Fee

  • 1) Amount: KRW 50,000 (Approx. USD 50)
  • 2) Account Information
    • - Bank: Kyongnam Bank(KNB)
    • - Address: Bldg #22, 93 Daehak-ro, Nam-gu, Ulsan 44610, South Korea (+82-52-259-2898)
    • - Account No: 207-0006-4730-06 (Holder: University of Ulsan)
    • - SWIFT Code: KYNAKR22
  • * Put your application number or name on sender’s information when transfer the fee.
  • * All the banking charges are to be paid by the applicants.

7. Postal Address & Contact Information

Assistant Director International Admissions
UOU International, University of Ulsan

43-203, 93 Daehak-ro, Nam-gu, Ulsan 44610, Republic of Korea
Phone : +82-52-220-5957
E-mail : uou.sean@gmail.com / seanpark@ulsan.ac.kr

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