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Intensive Course

1. Admission Schedule

Admission Schedule
Session Course Period
(10 weeks)
Document Submission Deadline Placement Test
Who need a Visa or
Who apply for Dorm
Visa Holders
(Residents in Korea)
1 Session
Early Mar ~ Middle May Mid Dec Middle Feb Late Feb
2 Session
Late May ~ Late July Early Mar Early May Mid May
3 Session
Early Sep ~ Early Nov Mid Jun Middle Aug Late Aug
4 Session
Late Nov ~ Late Jan Early Sep Early Nov Mid Nov

* Only 1st and 3rd session new comers are eligible to apply for the on-campus student house.
* D-4(General Training) visa is issued only for those who enroll more than 2 sessions at each time.
* Detailed schedule is available on the above guideline for Korean language course admission.

2. Course Outline

Course Outline
Level Time Table Curriculum
Beginner Level 1 Mon ~ Fri 09:00~13:00
Mon ~ Fri 13:00~17:00
Academic Korean

1) Integrated Study of
Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening

2) Preparation of TOPIK
Level 2
Intermediate Level 3
Level 4
Advance Level 5
Level 6

3. Admission Procedure

Admission Procedure
No Procedure Details
1 Application Documents Submission Send the scanned files through email.
* For Chinese citizens, send the original documents by post or in person (Scanned files NOT accepted)
2 Application Documents Review
3 Notice of Admission To each applicant (by email, text message, etc.)
4 Payment of Programme Fees Entrance fee, Tuition, Student House fee, Assurance fee, etc.
5 Issuance of Visa Documents With application documents and other documents needed for visa issuance
6 Visa Application Application on the Website (Language Center)
*Except for students who cannot switch the visa type in Korea.
7 Move to Korea After visa issuance
※ Visa issuance is thoroughly Korean Embassy’s jurisdiction.

4. Required Documents

Required Documents
Documents Details
Application Form Original documents in UOU form
* Application form and statement of purpose form can be downloaded at>Admissions>Overview>Forms&Downloads
Statement of Purpose
High School Graduation Certificate Government Verification required
* NOT required for documents issued by Korean schools
High School Transcript Notarisation required
* NOT required for documents issued by Korean schools
Bank Statement
(USD 9,000+)
Notarisation required
* NOT required for documents issued by Korean banks
* For those financially sponsored by other organisations or UOU faculty members, submit the Certificate of Sponsorship or Certificate of Scholarship.
Passport Photocopy of the personal information page
Alien Registration Card Photocopy of both front and back of the card (Only for Korean residents)
Household Register(居民戶口簿) Only for Chinese citizens
* Household Register: Photocopied documents with Korean translation
* National ID: Photocopied documents (Not required for those holding ARC)
* Photos: 2 photos (Not required for those holding ARC)
National ID
Two(2) Color Photos(3*4)
Letter of Guarantee The document has to be written by the person who has Korea nationality.
(With notarisation)

* Government Verification should be done through one of the following ways.
a. Apostille verification
b. Consular verification from the Korean Embassy(Consulate) of the country where the issuing organisation is located
c. Government(Foreign Affairs or Education) verification of the country where the issuing organisation is located
d. Consular verification from the Embassy in Korea of the country where the issuing organisation is located

* In case the applicant graduated from a Chinese high school, generally notarised Certificate of Graduation and Transcript along with official report of one of the followings issued from the CDGDC(China Academic Degrees & Graduate Education Development Center; can be accepted.
; National University Entrance Exam(高考) Transcript / National High School Graduation Exam(會考) Certificate or Transcript / Graduation certificate of Vocational High School

5. Important Notes

  • 1) Submitted documents are not returnable.
  • 2) If the applicant is found to have submitted false or forged documents or is found to have applied through any kinds of illegal means, the application will be rescinded.
  • 3) Applicants are responsible for any mistakes on the applications which may negatively affect the admission.
  • 4) All application documents should be issued within 3 months from the document submission deadline.
  • 5) Once the Certificate of Admission and other visa documents are issued, all the processes relevant to obtaining a visa are throughly the applicant’s responsibility.
  • 6) Admitted students must take a medical examination upon arrival at Ulsan. Detailed information will be provided afterwards through an email.
  • 7) Admitted students found to have contagious diseases that may jeopardise the health of others on campus will be asked to take a leave of absence until fully recovered.
  • 8) All international students must have one of the following 3 assurance plans during their study;
    • a) National Health Insurance Service,
    • b) University Assurance,
    • c) Foreign Government Assurance
  • 9) Before, during and after the admission, all the notices are released through UOU global homepage and each applicant’s email written on the application form.

6. Tuition and Other Fees (for 1 year)

Tuition and Other Fees (for 1 year)
Category Amount(KRW) Remark
Entrance Fee 60,000 Pay only one(1) time upon the entrance.
Tuition 4,800,000 1,200,000 / session
Assurance Fee 180,000 University Assurance
Student House Fee 2,000,000 Double occupancy room (Meals not included)
Meal Plan Fee 2,000,000 3 meals per day (Only for those who stay at the student house)

* Student House fee and meal plan fee are subject to change. Refer to the homepage for further details.
* For applicants whose visa were rejected either by overseas Korean Embassy(Consulate General) or domestic Immigration Office, all the fees except for the Entrance Fee will be refunded. (In case of overseas remittance, the banking charges are on the applicants)

7. Account Information

Account Information
Category Details Remark
Bank Name Kyongnam Bank (경남은행)
Bank Address Bldg #22, 93 Daehak-ro, Nam-gu, Ulsan 44610, Korea
Account Number 207-0006-4730-06
Account Holder University of Ulsan (울산대학교)

8. Postal Address & Contact Information

Nam hyeong Kim
UOU Korean Language Education Centre

Address :
Rm 203, Bldg 43, University of Ulsan, 93 Daehak-ro, Nam-gu, Ulsan 44610, Korea
Contact :
Phone : +82-52-220-5959
Fax : +82-52-224-2061
E-mail :

The administrative responsibility of the content.

By cliking the email below, you can send an e-mail to the person in charge.

Last Modified : Dec 19, 2017
  • Office : UOU International
  • Phone : +82-52-220-5959
  • Staff in Charge : KIM Nam hyeong

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