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[Graduate] Class Registration (2013 Autumn)

Class Registration (2013 Autumn)


1.  Class Registration Period: Aug 19(Mon) ~ 22(Thu)

2. How to Register

 -  UWINS( - 교과과정/수업 수강정보 수강신청(대학원)

- Those who want to take undergraduate courses(Available up to 6 credits) or special graduate school courses(Available up to 9 credits for Master’s and 12 credits for Doctoral course) need to submit the application form to the Dept. office after receiving the signature from the advisor. (Refer to the attached Application Form)

3. Class Registration Confirmation Period: Aug 31(Sat) ~ Sep 6(Fri)

4. How to Confirm

- UWINS( - 교과과정/수업 수강정보 수강신청(재이수) 확인원 및 연구윤리준수확인서

- Receive a signature from the advisor and submit the form to the Dept office.

* 연구윤리준수확인서 is only for the new comers. (Only applicable for the 1st semester)


* Submission of Thesis Schedule (During the class registration period)

- Who: Those who want to submit the Thesis on 2013 Autumn semester (including those who have already finished the course work)

- Submit the Thesis Schedule to the Dept. office (Form Download: UWINS( - 성적/졸업 졸업자격시험(대학원) - 논문연구계획서)

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