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2017-2 Insurance Extension for International Students

Health Insurance Extension for Autumn 2017
(For Graduate, Undergraduate and Exchange Programme Students)
1. Application Period: June 08th (Thu) ~ June 15th (Thu) 2017

2. Who needs to extend the Health Assurance?
- Students whose assurance plan expire in September or July 2017
- You could also check your assurance information on Global U-WINS.
( - English Version(Top Right) - University Life - Health Insurance ? Insurance Extension)
3. Application Procedure
- Visit Global U-WINS. (
- Move to ‘대학생활’(University Life) - ‘건강보험’(Health Insurance) - ‘외국인유학생보험’(Insurance Extension) - ‘보험연장’(Insurance Extension) menu.
- Select the extension period of ‘6 months’ or ‘ 1 year ’
and click ‘Register’ button.
4. Bill Print-out: June 20 (Tue) ~ June 25th (Sun) 2017
- Visit Global U-WINS. (
- Move to ‘대학생활’(University Life) - ‘건강보험’(Health Insurance) - ‘납부고지서출력’(Bill print out) menu.
5. Assurance Fee Payment: June 20 (Tue) ~ June 25th (Sun) 2017
* You can pay the bill at the on-campus bank or wire transfer to the virtual account on the bill.
* If you are not in Korea during the payment period, use the overseas remittance to UOU International Office’s bank account. (Refer to the Bill for details)
* Students who do not extend the assurance during the above period will be prohibited from the class registration, issuance of certificates, entrance to the library, etc.
6. Assurance Card Issuance & Distribution:
- Expected to be late of March at the Global Lounge(Building 43-201)
7. Asurance Fee
- Male: KRW 80,000 (6 months) / 130,000 ( 1 year )
- Female: KRW 80,000 (6 months) / 130,000 ( 1 year )

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