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Safety Tips When Earthquake Occurs

▶ Wait until the tremor subsides Don’t rush out or you could be injured by falling objects, things toppling over or broken glass. Even after the shaking subsides, be careful not to be injured by scattered glass, broken ceramic objects, and other hazardous objects.
▶ Secure an exit
After the shaking subsides, open the room’s window, door, and the front door to secure a way out to allow you to evacuate at any time.
▶ Check for fire hazards
If you are using an open ? ame, stay calm and turn it off after the shaking subsides. If a ? re breaks out, take initial measures to put it out.
(Check the fire extinguisher in your room or corridor for just in case.)
▶ Stay clear of glass or walls
If you are outdoors, you could be injured by falling roof tiles or broken glass, or be trapped under a collapsed concrete wall. Stay clear of glass or walls
▶ The first floor of an old structure could collapse and crush you, so don’t rush to the ? rst ? oor. If you are in a building that does not meet the earthquake resistance standards, decide whether you should escape outside according to the situation.
▶ You might get trapped inside, so open the door when you feel a tremor. If possible, move to a safer place, such as the hallway or front entrance, so that you can quickly evacuate.
▶ The bathroom is a place where you can easily get injured because you aren’t wearing any clothing to protect you. Cover your head with a washing basin or something to protect yourself from the shattered glass of the mirror or light bulb, and quickly get out of the bathroom and move to a safe place.
▶ Protect your head when you move. ( your pillow, books, safety helmet or anything that could protect your head while moving.)
▶ When the shaking stops for a while, then put shoes to protect your foot from the sharp glass.
▶ You need to move the place where there are less buildings and quite wide place like field or stadium, when the earthquake occurs. In the University of Ulsan, there is soccer field next to the Asan Sports Center.
▶ Do not use Elevator when it occurs.

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