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[Important] The Second Health Insurance Extension Application for Spring 2017

Second Notification About
Health Insurance Extension for Spring 2017

(For Graduate, Undergraduate and Exchange Programme Students)

*Please find the attached PDF files.
 One is for the resulf of the first extension application.
 The other one is the list of students who need to extend their insurance. 

1. Application Period: 
Monday 09 January 2017 ~ Sunday 15 January 2017

2. Who needs to extend the Health Assurance?
- Students whose assurance plan expire as of 01 March 2017
- To check if you have to extend, please find the attached PDF file named "Students who need to extend the insurance'. 
- You can also check your assurance information on Global U-WINS.
( - English Version(Top Right) - University Life - Health Insurance – Insurance Extension)
3. Application Procedure
- Visit Global U-WINS. (
- Move to ‘대학생활’(University Life) - ‘건강보험’(Health Insurance) - ‘외국인유학생보험’(Insurance Extension) - ‘보험연장’(Insurance Extension) menu.
- Select the extension period of ‘6 months’ and click ‘Register’ button.
4. Bill Print-out: Wednesday 18 January 2017 ~ Tuesday 24 January 2017
- Visit Global U-WINS. (
- Move to ‘대학생활’(University Life) - ‘건강보험’(Health Insurance) - ‘납부고지서출력’(Bill print out) menu.
5. Insurance Fee Payment: Wednesday 18 January 2017 ~ Tuesday 24 January 2017
* You can pay the bill at the on-campus bank or wire transfer to the virtual account on the bill.
* If you are not in Korea during the payment period, use the overseas remittance to UOU International Office’s bank account. (Refer to the Bill for details)

* Students who do not extend the assurance during the above period will be prohibited from the class registration, issuance of certificates, entrance to the library, etc.
6. Insurance Card Issuance & Distribution:
- Expected to be late of March at the Global Lounge(Building 43-201)
7. Insurance Fee
- Male: KRW 80,000 (6 months) / Female: KRW 80,000 (6 months)
8. Who already has National Health Insurance
- Someone who pays for National Health Insurance monthly should submit the insurance payment records of the past 6 months by 24 January.
- Someone who buys National Health Insurance for the short-term period should submit the certificate by 24 January that proves you will be insured until 31 August 2017.
- Even though you already submitted the payment records, your name can be on the
list of the students who need to extend the insurance, so please ignore the list if you
already submitted the payment records.
9. If you have any questions :

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Last Modified : May 27, 2014

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