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National Health Insurance(NHI)


Health Insurance is MANDATORY to all international students during their study in Korea.Students could choose one of the two insurance plans below.

  1. Korea National Health Insurance
  2. University Insurance (CHARTIS)

Korea National Health Insurance (NHI)

1. Eligibility
  1. - Any international students are eligible for NHI program
2. How to buy
  1. - International students could buy the National Health Insurance program after 3 months of their entry into Korea. (Alien registration is required)
  2. - Therefore, all new comers to UOU are required to buy the University Insurance at first. Then, after 3 months of their entry into Korea, they could decide whether to change to NHI or not. (In this case, they will get refund according to the rest period of the University Insurance)
  3. - New students will be required to pay the insurance fee along with Tuition and Dorm fee during the designated period.
3. Insurance Program Details
  1. For the details of the NHI program, please visit the website.
  2. (

National Health Insurance - Ulsan Branch(Map)

National Health Insurance - Ulsan Branch(Map)
  1. - Address: 23 Bukbu Beltway, Nam-gu, Ulsan, 680-806, Korea (4F, Hi-Mart Building)
  2. - Phone: 1577-1000
  3. - Fax: 052-226-9661
  4. - Website:
[How to get there?]
  1. - 15 min on foot (Refer to the above map)
  2. - 5 min by bus (Bus No. 104, 114, 416, etc.)
  3. * Get off the bus at ‘Sanho Apartment’ stop.

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