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University Insurance


Health Insurance is MANDATORY to all international students during their study in Korea.Students could choose one of the two insurance plans below.

  1. Korea National Health Insurance
  2. University Insurance (CHARTIS)

University Insurance (CHARTIS)

1. Coverage & Limitation
Coverage & Limitation
Coverage Limit(KRW) Deductible
Accident Death & Physical Impediment 10,000,000
Accident Expenses In-Patient 10,000,000 10% of the total cost
Out-Patient 250,000 10,000 / 15,000 / 20,000 (by hospital size)
Pharmacy 50,000 8,000
Sickness Expenses In-Patient 10,000,000 10% of the total cost
Out-Patient 250,000 10,000 / 15,000 / 20,000 (by hospital size)
Pharmacy 50,000 8,000
2. Deductible and Co-payment
Deductible and Co-payment
Out-patient (KRW) In-patient (KRW)
Clinic(Small size): KRW 10,000 per visit 10% of the total Medical Expenses
General Hospital(Middle size): 15,000 per visit
University Hospital(Big size): 20,000 per visit
Pharmacy: 8,000 per visit
3. Exclusions
  1. 1) Pre-existing Condition
    - Any treatment of pre-existing conditions, illness or injuries that pre-date the purchase of the insurance policy
  2. 2) Immunizations
    - Hepatitis type B shot, Flu shot, etc.
  3. 2) Immunizations
    - Hepatitis type B shot, Flu shot, etc.
  4. 3) Psychiatric Illness
    - Mental illness (e.g. Depression, etc.)
  5. 4) Maternity
    - Child birth, Miscarriage, etc.
  6. 5) Dental
    - Any dental treatments (Except due to an accident)
  7. 6) Pimple, Mantis, Health Check-up, etc.
4. Claim Procedure
  1. 1) UOU’s designated hospitals (Hospitals having special agreement with UOU. See the Table below)
    - Show your Health Insurance card to the hospital staff before the medical treatment.
    - You will be advised to pay only the deductible.
    UOU’s designated hospitals
    Hospitals Phone Distance
    Kang Mun-Su Clinic (강문수 내과) 052-249-0645 5 min on foot
    Family Orthopedics Clinic(패밀리 정형외과) 052-277-8881 5 min on foot
    Good Samjeong Hospital(좋은삼정병원)
    (Ambulance service available)
    052-220-7600 10 min on foot
    Moonsung Pharmacy(문성약국) 052-249-0645 5 min on foot
  2. 2) General hospitals (Non-designated hospitals)
    - Pay the bill after the medical treatment.
    - Receive a Diagnosis and a Receipt from the hospital. (In case the medical expense is over KRW 200,000, receive a ‘First Medical Record’ instead of the Diagnosis)
    - Fax or e-mail the scanned copy of the above documents along with your bank account no to CHARTIS office. (E-mail: / Fax: 02-2179-9706)
    - The expenses except the deductible will be deposited into your account within 7 working days.
5. Insurance Fee
Insurance Fee
Period Male Female
3 Months KRW 70,000
6 Months KRW 130,000
1 Year KRW 180,000 KRW 170,000

* Insurance fee is subject to change depending on the exchange rate.

6. How to buy the University Insurance?
  1. - As Health Insurance is mandatory to international students, all new students coming to UOU are automatically applied to the University Insurance.
  2. - New students will be required to pay the insurance fee along with Tuition and Dorm fee during the designated period.
  3. * Any students who buy the Korea National Health Insurance after 3 months of their entry into Korea will get refund according to the rest period of the University Insurance.
  4. (International students are not able to buy the Korea National Health Insurance in 3 months of their entry into Korea)
7. Contact (CHARTIS)
  1. Mr. Won-il Park
  2. Phone: 080-116-4949 (Toll Free)
  3. Mobile: 010-2537-4495
  4. E-mail:

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Last Modified : Jun 5, 2013

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