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Alien Registration


All international students are required to do the Alien Registration within 90 days from the arrival date at Ulsan Immigration Office. UOU International Office will help students to do the registration during the International Student Orientation.
* For the Alien Registration, students need to visit Ulsan Immigration Office, submit required documents and do the Finger-Printing. (UOU will arrange a school bus for the new students to visit the Ulsan Immigration Office)
* It normally takes 4 weeks until the Alien Registration Card is issued.

[Commonly required documents]

  1. Application
  2. Passport
  3. One color photo (3×4cm)
  4. Registration fee: KRW 20,000

[Other required documents]

  1. Undergraduate and graduate students
    - Certificate of Studentship (issued at UOU Educational Affairs Team (Former Student Service Center))
  2. Korean language program students
    - Certificate of Studentship (issued at UOU International Office)
Alien Registration card


  1. Registration Number
  2. Name
  3. Nationality
  4. Address
  5. Status of Sojourn
  6. Date of Issue / Expiration
  7. Issuing Office

Back (Information changed or added)

  1. Date of Permission
  2. Details of Personal Changes
  3. Permitting Office
  4. Extended Period of Stay

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