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Visa Issuance

VISA APPLICATION (D-2, Student Visa)

Successful applicants for our undergraduate, graduate or exchange programs are required to acquire D-2(Student) visa for their study at University of Ulsan.
Please find below the procedure for a visa application.

  1. Each student is responsible for his/her own visa application
    (Contact Korean Embassy or Consulate General in your country for the details and apply for a visa)
  2. Certificate of Admission and other documents for the visa application will be sent to you through an express courier.
    (Only students who finish paying the tuition, dorm and insurance fee will be given the documents)
  3. For only degree students(except exchange students) with Chinese Citizenship, document-screening process for the visa issuance is processed in Korea at first, and then the ‘Visa Issuance Number’ will be sent to each successful applicant.(It takes around one month) Upon receiving the ‘Visa Issuance Number’, each student is advised to visit Korean Embassy or Consulate General to apply for a Visa.
  4. Students who are currently staying in Korea are advised to submit the basic required documents for a visa extension or change (e.g. application form, passport, alien registration card, bank statement, etc.) to International Office. International Office will visit ‘Ulsan Immigration Office’ and extend (or change) their visa accordingly.

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