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Asan Memorial Library (UOU Central Library)

The Asan Memorial Library contains about 1,000,000 books, 1,000 research publications and a range of multimedia materials. Asan Memorial Library (Annex), built in 2005, is equipped with various modern facilities for student's convenience. The University Center for Teaching and Learning (UCTL) is also located in the Asan Memorial Library (Annex).

Contact Information

  1. Website:
  2. Phone: 052-259-2457/2482
  3. Fax: 052-277-2205

Library Hours

Library Hours
Resources & Circulation Desks Monday~Friday: 09:00~22:40
Saturday: 09:00~16:30
Summer & Winter Break: 09:00~16:30v
Reading Rooms 05:00~24:00

Check-out and Return Policy

A valid ID (i.e. student ID, faculty or staff ID, special membership card) is required to check out library materials.

Due dates and limits
1. Books
Undergraduate Students 7 Books 10 Days
Graduate Students 10 Books 30 Days
Faculty 20 Books 180 Days
Part-Time Instructors 5 Books 30 Days
Staff 10 Books 30 Days
Special Members 3 Books 14 Days
2. Theses & Multimedia Materials
Undergraduate Students
Graduate Students
4 Items 5 Days
Special Members 1 Items Inside Library Only
Check-out & Return

All the checked-out materials must be returned at the circulation desk on the 2nd floor. However theses must be returned to the dissertations section, and multimedia materials to the multimedia room. Library materials should be returned on or before the due date to avoid overdue fine of \50 per item per day. When overdue, patrons are not allowed to check out additional items.


Most materials can be renewed unless reserved by another patron. Materials
can be renewed:
- through the library Website or
- by visiting the circulation desk.
Renewal is possible up to five times per item. Multimedia materials, theses, overdue materials and recalled items cannot be renewed.

Reserving materials

If a desired resource is already checked out, patrons may place a hold. When the material is returned, patrons will be notified. Placing a hold is possible only through the library Website.

Lost or Damaged

If the library material has been lost or damaged, patrons may replace it by purchasing the very same material or pay for the replacement.

Library Facilities

Collections by Subject

Refer to the Library Map for details.

Circulation Desks (Second floor of each library)

- Check-out and return services
- Special membership application service

Multimedia Room (Second floor of the Annex library)

- Multimedia materials and check-out
- Multimedia equipments (DVD, VTR, Cable TV)
- Internet
- Room with PDP TV and home-theater for groups

Reading Rooms (1st floor of each library)

- Individual desks
- Desks are assigned by the machine at the entrance

Placing a request

Patrons may request the library purchase specific books, journal subscriptions or make an access to an electronic resource or other materials online.

Library Website

Patrons may request the library purchase specific books, journal subscriptions or make an access to an electronic resource or other materials online.

Mobile Service

Patrons may also access the library services through cell phones. The library can provide text-message reminders regarding due dates and other notices when requested.

Inter-library Loan

Patrons may request for a copy of an original that the library does not currently have. Inter-library loans are limited to current undergraduate students, graduate students and the faculty of the UOU, and can be ordered online only.

Special Membership

Special Membership is granted to the alumni of the UOU and the employees in the Ulsan area. For detailed information, ask a librarian.

Floor Information

Asan Memorial Library (Main: Sciences, Technology & Arts)
Asan Memorial Library (Annex: Social Science & Humanities)

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