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  1. Bank Name: Kyongnam Bank
  2. Branch Name: University of Ulsan Branch
  3. Location: 1st floor, Bldg 22(Student Center)
  4. Opening Hours: 09:00 ~ 16:00 / Mon ~ Fri
  5. Services: General banking services
    * Available currency for exchange: USD, JPY, RMB
  6. Contact: Mr. Choi (Manager) / 052-259-2898

[Opening a Bank Account for New Comers]

  1. Required Documents: Passport, ID(or Credit Card) of the home country
  2. Procedure
    1. - Visit the bank with the above required documents
    2. - Ask for issuing a cash card if you want (Cost: KRW 1,000)
    3. * Debit card is not issuable for new comers (Available after the alien registration card is issued)
    4. - Visit the bank and change the account after the alien registration card is issued for a debit card or UOU Smart Card. (Alien registration no is required to make a debit card or UOU Smart Card)
  3. Contact: 052-220-5969

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