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Campus Clinic plays an important role in supporting UOU students and faculty as their health guide by providing amenities, equipment and medicine needed for health consultation and first-aid treatment.


Rm 303, Bldg 22(Student Union) / 052-259-2931

Working Hours

Working Hours
Working Hours Doctor Nurse Remarks
During semesters 09:00~18:00 Every Tue & Wed Mon~Fri Medical team dispatched from Ulsan University Hospital
During breaks 09:00~15:00

Procedure for Medical Service

  1. Visit--> consultation --> medical examination --> medical treatment --> treatment effect --> medical record
  2. Visit -->Q&A about condition -->respiratory, painful, digestive disease--> medication--> Give explanation about the method and dosage of the medicine--> Record the medical treatment
  3. Visit-->Q&A about condition-->trauma(external wound)-->Give first-aid -->Treat the wound-->Record the medical treatment
  4. Visit-->Q&A about condition--> others--> Transfer--> Transfer to the hospital, etc.--> Record the medical treatment

Medical Examination

  1. Respiratory disease: Medication needed for each symptom such as cold(sinus cold, sore through, chest cold) and allergic rhintis will be given will be given.
  2. Painful symptom: Medication needed for each symptom such as headache, menstrual cramps, and myalgia will be given.
  3. Digestive trouble: Medication needed for gastrointestinal diseases such as maldigestion, heartburn, diarrhea and stomachache will be given.
  4. Trauma(external wound): abrasion on the body: Treatment for the wound and guide to the specialized hospital for better treatment will be given.

Medical Treatment

  1. Medication: In case of diseases such as respiratory diseases, digestive system disease and painful symptoms, drugs are administered.
  2. Treatment: In case of trauma(external wound), first aid treatment is given.
  3. thers: Sanitary pads and masks are prepared. resting place is available.

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