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1. Available Sports Facilities

  1. - Football Ground A & B
  2. - Footsal Gground
  3. - Jokgu Ground
  4. - Basketball Ground
  5. - Tennis Field
  6. - Gym

2. How to book sports facilities?

* Booking for sports facilities is only available to UOU undergraduate students.

* The booking system is only serviced in Korean language.

  1. Visit UWINS homepage (
  2. Log-in
  3. Move to ‘대학생활’ - ‘교내시설물이용’ menu and read the instruction carefully.
  4. Move to ‘대학생활’ - ‘시설물예약현황및신청’ menu.
  5. Check the current booking list of the facilities if the facility you want to book is already booked for the time.
  6. Press ‘예약등록’ button on bottom right and click ‘신규’ button.
  7. Enter in basic information and item information and click ‘행사내용 저장’ button.
  8. Click ‘호실예약’ button and book the facility using the scroll bar on top.
  9. [For evening lighting and heating application only] On the basic information screen, check tracking field on bottom and save evening lighting and heating hour.
  10. Click the ‘행사신청’ button on top right.
  11. Print out the application form by clicking the ‘행사신청서 출력’ and bring it to UOU International Office(2nd floor, Bldg 43).
  12. [For evening lighting and heating application only] Print out the Application for evening lighting by clicking the ‘야간조명신청서 출력’ and bring it to UOU International Office.
  13. After receiving a signature from UOU International Office, submit the application form to Office of Student Affairs(3rd floor, Bldg 22).
  14. Check your booking confirmation at UWINS. (‘대학생활’ - ‘시설물예약현황및신청’)
  15. * Once the booking is confirmed, the schedule on the timetable will appear in blue color, (If the schedule appears in red color, it means that the booking is not confirmed yet and you are not allowed to use the facility)

[Evening Lighting]

  1. Hours for Evening Lighting: 19:00 ~ 22:00
  2. Evening lighting is provided free of charge for 2 hours.
    (KRW 10,000 per hour is charged for additional evening lighting)
  3. For extra evening lighting, pay the fee and submit the receipt along with the Application for Evening Lighting to UOU International Office.
    (The bank account no is written on the Application form for Evening Lighting)

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