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Accident Compensation


All students at the University of Ulsan are insured by the 'University Administrator Compensation Responsibility Insurance' in case they accidentally injure themselves while using school facilities or participating in various events. If there is an accident that falls within the coverage of compensation, please apply along with appropriate documents to receive compensations.


All enrolled undergraduate and graduate students (including medical students in Seoul), except students taking a leave of absence

Coverage of Compensation

  1. Accidents that occur while engaging in activities on campus (during classes, lab & demonstration, athletics competitions, and field day, etc.)
  2. Accidents that occur at events off campus authorized by the President of the University (such as, volunteer work and orientation, etc.)
  3. Accidents that occur in the dormitory
  4. Other accidents that occur on campus that are relevant to the terms of the insurance
  5. * Accidents not insured: food-related accidents, injury suffered by sports athletes, car accidents, etc.

Amount of Compensation

  1. Personal Indemnification: KRW 100,000,000 per person (KRW 100,000 per accident is paid by individual)
  2. Property Indemnification: KRW 300,000,000 per person (KRW 100,000 per accident is paid by individual)
  3. Medical Bills: Up to KRW 2,000,000 per person per accident (KRW 100,000 per accident is paid by individual)
  4. * Hospitalization: Based on standard room(six persons per room) rate, extra price for superior rooms (special room, single room and double room) not included.

Insurance Company

Meritz Fire & Maritime Insurance (052-219-4457)

Application Procedure

It will take the insurance company approximately two weeks to review the application form when submitted.

Accident occur
Medical treatment
Fill in application form and
other documents
Signature from Head of Dept/School
or Academic Advisor
Submit the application documents
(to Student Affairs Team)
Screening of
applicant documents
  1. One copy of Insurance Claim Form (Download form)
  2. One copy of Consent to Use Personal Information Form (Download form)
  3. One copy of Accident Sequence Form (Download form)
    * Signature from Head of Department/School or Academic Advisor required)
  4. One copy of Medical Certificate, Hospitalization Confirmation Sheet or Treatment Confirmation Sheet (Original needed)
    * If there are more than one pages (hospital or pharmacy), bring the last receipt.
  5. One copy of Medical Bill and Medicine Bill Receipt (Original needed)
    * If there are more than one pages (hospital or pharmacy), bring the last receipt.
  6. One copy of University of Ulsan Student ID
  7. One copy of Certificate of Studentship (Original needed)
  8. One copy of Bankbook under the student name
  9. * Queries: Student Affairs Team (Rm 409, Bldg 20(New Student Union) / 052-259-1319)

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