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Certificate Issuance

1. Automatic Issuing Machine

A smart card is a student identification card integrating the functions of an ID card and a student card. It is a multifunction card and it can be used as an ID card, a cash card, a key card, a transport card, and an e-money card.

  1. Location: Two machines at UOU Educational Affairs Team
    - Monday to Friday: 09:00 ~ 22:00
    - Weekends and Holidays: 09:00 ~ 17:00
  2. Service Charge: KRW 500 for per Korean copy / KRW 1,000 for per English copy
  3. Types of Certificate: Certificate of Studentship, Academic Transcript, Registration Status Certificate, Certificate of Graduation, Certificate of Completion, Leave of Absence Certificate, Dismissal Certificate, etc.

2. District Office Issuance

  1. - Certificates can be issued at any Provinces, Cities, Districts and Dong Offices.
  2. - Request Procedure: Visit a Dong Office →Complete an Application Form→Submit at desk→Ready for collection in 3 hours

3. Post Office Issuance (On-campus Post Office)

  1. - Certificates can be requested in all post offices and then delivered by post.
  2. - Request Procedure: Visit a Post office→Complete an Application Form→Submit at Desk→University sends it by Post→Applicant receives a Certificate

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