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Labour Scholarship Student

Labor Scholarship Student

UOU selects students experiencing financial hardship as 'Labor Scholarship Student' before the commencement of the semester, allowing them to work for the university in exchange for the 'Labor Scholarship'

  1. Labor Scholarship Students work in various departments of the university and receive a scholarship every month.
  2. The selection of labor scholarship students are made according to Article No. 4 on the Labor Scholarship Operation Regulation (Placement and Selection) and those who submit a 'Labor Scholarship Student Application Form' to the responsible department office will be considered for the post.
  3. When students submit the Labor Scholarship Student Application Form to the responsible department office, they will be placed in offices that need help.
  4. Amount of a Labor Scholarship Student (For 2013)
  5. Amount of a Labor Scholarship Student
    Grade Working Hours (per week) Scholarship (KRW)
    A Grade 7 611,000
    A Grade 7 611,000
    C Grade 2 174,000


  1. All enrolled students of UOU are eligible to apply.
  2. As all enrolled students are eligible for Labor Scholarship Students, students on an Academic Excellence Enhancement Scholarship can also apply depending on their tuition fee.

Application Procedure

  1. Search for a notice recruiting Labor Scholarship Student on the school homepage.
  2. Fill in the application of Labor Scholarship Students and submit it to the responsible department. (The application form can be downloaded from the post on the homepage)
  3. * Even though there are no posts recruiting the Labor Scholarship Students, you could still fill in the application form and submit it to your department office to put yourself on the list of prospective applicants. When there is an appropriate position, the department office will contact your for the availability.

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