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Smart Card

1. What is a Smart Card?

A smart card is a student identification card integrating the functions of an ID card and a student card. It is a multifunction card and it can be used as an ID card, a cash card, a key card, a transport card, and an e-money card.

2. Why a Smart Card?

The multi-functional smart card system was initiated for the conveniences of students and faculty members and was made possible through a partnership with Kyongnam Bank for campus innovation. Together with thee-money card function, which allows students and faculty members use in campus cafeterias and shops without cash, this multi-functional smart card has other functions, including access control when entering the library and the dormitory dining halls.

3. Benefits of Multi-functional Smart Card

This Multi-functional Smart card is a highly secured Combi IC Card (sharing Contact (IC) and Contactless (RF) Interface) that integrates a number of cards into one. It offers a number of services in order to improve performance and provide convenience to a user.

4. How to apply for a Smart Card?

To apply for a Smart Card, an international student should have an Alien Registration Card(ARC). As it normally takes around 4 weeks for ARC to be issued, new students will be provided with a normal student ID card during the International Student Orientation for a temporary use.
(Students could still use on-campus facilities freely with the normal student ID card)
Once the ARC is issued, a student could visit UOU Academic Support Team and apply for a Smart Card. (For Smart Card, a student should have a Kyongnam Bank account in advance)

Mobile Student ID Card (Android)

  1. Apply for your Mobile Student Card (Identification) on UWIN(S), after you apply you will receive a text message. When you click on the link, you will be connected to the 'Play Store'. Find the 'University of Ulsan Student (Identification) Card' App and click 'install'.
  2. Click on 'Agree and Download'. When the installation is completed, click 'open'.
  3. Enter your student number and click 'confirmation', to initiate your student card for your mobile device.
    * When you access the site for the first time, you will be charged for data usage on the server. (If you are under the unlimited data package or use WiFi, you will not be charged for data usage)
    Once you are connected, you do not need to access the server; thus no extra charge will incur.
  4. Close the program then start the University of Ulsan 'Student (Identification) Card' App.

Mobile Student Card (IOS)

  1. Apply for your Mobile Student Card (Identification) on UWIN(S), after which you will receive a text message. When you click on the link, you will be connected to the 'App Store'. Click on the 'Free' button for the 'University of Ulsan Student (Identification) Card' App and then click 'install'. (If you do not receive a text message, type on your browser and download your student card)
  2. Log into your App account and then install.

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