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2012 UIP (Ulsan International Program)

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2012 UIP (Ulsan International Program) 첨부이미지

UIP: Ulsan International Program participants took this photo (above) with solid determination to learn a variety of aspects about Korean culture at the International Conference Hall on July 2, 2012.

During the summer vacation, dozens of foreign students visited the University of Ulsan and Ulsan city. The purpose of the visit was to acquire traditional Korean culture and history along with the Korean language in person and experience Korea and Ulsan city.  The city of Ulsan is a representative city of the economic prosperity of Korea.

UIP, the Ulsan International Program, is organized and implemented by Ulsan University’s Office of International Affairs and Education and department Dean Kim Ja Won.  This program is a 4 weeklong Korean immersion program.

In this program, 19 UOU students and 39 students derived from 12 international universities representing 6 countries (Canada, Germany, Japan, Morocco, France, United States).

One of the UIP participants, Martin Karl-Heinz Buchle, a graduate from Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences, stated that a previous participant had introduced him to the UIP program’s advantage. Afterwards, he was determined to learn more about Korea’s economy and culture in a month-long immersion program.  

The group_ had participated in Korean language class, lectures on ‘Korea society’, ‘Korean history, the ‘Korean Spirit and Culture’, academic, and various cultural experiences. Highlights include an overnight stay in a Buddhist temple, a four-day field trip to Seoul that included a visit to the Demilitarized Zone, museum tours, a field trip to the historical capital city of Gyeongju, a field trip to Busan, a visit to the United Nations Memorial Cemetery, and numerous other cultural experiences.

The Dean of the Office of International Affairs and Education, Kim Ja Won remarked that the astonishing aspect of the UIP program is that is conducted entirely in English.  Throughout the month-long session, the effectiveness of this program is based on the time and effort students spend in a cross-culture, fully immersive environment. Both Korean and International students have the opportunity to understand each others’ culture and develop a more globalized perspective of the world given that program is an immersive language and cultural experience.  For students who want to experience multiculturalism, the UIP program is continuing to gain popularity as it progresses into its 10th year. 

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