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Inauguration ceremony for the 9th President of UoU

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Inauguration ceremony for the 9th President of UoU 첨부이미지

On Friday, March 11, 2011, the Inauguration ceremony for Dr. Lee Chul as 9th President of the University of Ulsan took place in the multipurpose assembly hall (in building 20), at the University of Ulsan.

Many public figures appeared from the educational field, the media and local government officials as well, such as the mayor of Ulsan (Bak Maeng-Woo), the chairman of Ulsan city council (Park Soon-Howan), superintendant of Ulsan city’s education office (Kim Bok-Man), incumbent National Assembly member (Ahn Hyo-Dae), the head of Nam-gu (Kim Doo-Gyum), the chairman of the Alumni association of UoU (Bak Choong-Heung), and the President of Kookmin University attended the ceremony to celebrate.

Only two of the former presidents (predecessors) of UoU could not be in attendance at the ceremony, because the 5th president, Dr. Bea Moo-Gi, passed away and the 8th president, Dr. Kim Doo-Yeoun, was recently nominated for one of key roles in the government as a chairperson in the National Science & Technology Council. Therefore, except two predecessors, seven of the former presidents attended the inauguration ceremony to express their warm welcome, and applaud the further prosperity and growth of the University.

Music chorus concert and orchestral quintet played to celebrate Dr. Yi’s inauguration of 9th President of UoU on the first stage of the event.  Next, newly appointed President Yi’s profile was introduced to the public and then the University flag was conveyed to the newly appointed UoU President by Min Keh-sik, the chairman of Hyundai Heavy Industry. Along with the event, a flower bouquet from the Students’ Union was presented to the newly appointed President of UoU to celebrate the moment.  Finally, the mayor of Ulsan city and officials the local government who were in attendance at the ceremony delivered congratulatory speeches.

Through his inaugural speech, President Yi expressed that UoU will lead our University in strengthening its globalized capabilities, industrial academic cooperation and building students’ socialized character in its educational system so that we can lead our University to raise its global competitiveness. In addition to the inaugural speech, President Yi emphasized that he expects the local community, as well as all faculties from the academic sector and administration sector, will keep supporting the consistent effort to UoU’s growth.

Subsequently, the mayor of Ulsan city, Mr. Mang-woo Park, stated that Ulsan city reached 71.4 billion USD in exports because the University of Ulsan is training and developing a talented work force in our region to reach international standards. He further emphasized that now is the opportunity to step up our regional power, and reach out to the whole world.

On the guests’ congratulatory Speech, the chairman of Ulsan city council, Mr. Park Soon Hwoan, gave a word of blessing that the University of Ulsan will move on new era in its prosperity since Dr. Yi is a medical scientist of high moral standing. Dr. Yi’s erudition will also help move UoU towards new opportunities to advance its further growth.

One of Dr. Yi’s predecessors as the 2nd and 3rd president of UoU, Dr. Yi Sang-joo, said that the excellent human resources and the fruits of research studies which are turned out from our educational institutions truly belong to the community so we need to cooperate on the development of the only university in the Ulsan region.

President Yi, after graduating from Kyoung Gi High School, went to Seoul National University.  There he received his bachelor of Medicine, Masters and even Ph.D. degree as well. After that he completed his study of analytic psychology at the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich, Switzerland. Since 1989 he has been appointed as a professor in the medical school in UoU. He has been in charge of, especially, psychoanalyst psychotherapy, somatoform disorders, anxiety disorders and melancholia as a psychiatrist. Before he was nominated as the President of UoU, he has consecutively filled the position as the hospital director in Ulsan University hospital and as executive vice-president in medicine affairs of UoU. 

Dr. Yi will be devoted to his role as the President of UoU for the four year term starting with his nomination to this position in March, 2011.

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